How to Make Money With a Laser Engraver? Best Ideas in 2023

How to Make Money With a Laser Engraver Best Ideas in 2023

If you’re looking for a new way to make money, you may want to consider using a laser engraver. Laser engravers can be used to create various products, including signs, awards, and even custom clothing. You can use your laser engraver to create products for others or sell online. Keep reading this article; Byboe will show you How to Make Money With a Laser Engraver? and other tips.

Can I Make Money With A Laser Engraver?

Yes! Laser engraving is a fun and easy way to make extra money or start your own laser engraving business.

It might surprise you how many things people would like laser engraving to be done. There is a large market for laser engraving, from trophies and tombstones, to name a few.

You will need to corporate market laser engraving well and offer excellent customer service.

How to Make Money With the Laser Engravers

How to Make Money With a Laser Engraver?

Okay, you now have a laser engraving machine or are saving up for one. Now you need to know How to Start a Laser Engraving Business?

You should follow these steps, just like any side hustle.

1. Create Your Online Store

You will need an online store to work as a fiber laser engraving technician in a brick-and-mortar shop.


You need customers worldwide to grow your laser engraving business and make it profitable.

It’s now easier than ever to create an online store. There are many platforms to choose from.

These five online stores are ideal for entrepreneurs and start-ups, as they offer integrated e-commerce solutions.


Etsy is home to millions of artisans and craftspeople around the globe, making it the ideal place to start your laser engraving business. Either sell engraved products through the Etsy marketplace or create a custom website using their own website builder tool.

Etsy can help laser engraving customers find you. Etsy is a great place to start your laser engraving business. It’s easy to sell internationally via the platform, and it is a popular destination for personalized gifts.

WordPress + WooCommerce

WordPress + WooCommerce

WordPress with WooCommerce offers the most customizable solution for your laser engraving business. It also allows you to scale quickly as your laser engraving business grows.

It is easy to create an online store. WordPress is also an excellent platform for search engine optimization.

WordPress is the best option if your website appears in Google searches.

It is more complex than some other options, but it works.

Bluehost is an excellent choice if you want to create an online store with WordPress + WooCommerce. Bluehost’s hosting platform makes setting up your website accessible, and their customer support is exceptional.

Bluehost is one of the most affordable options available on this list, with a monthly cost of $3.95.

Important: Bluehost is proud to be an affiliate. This means we will receive a small commission (at no cost) for any purchase made through one of our links. We are grateful for affiliate commissions that help us support this site.


Wix is similar to Weebly, but it’s geared towards beginners.

Weebly allows you to start an e-commerce site without paying a premium subscription if you don’t want to pay for a premium plan.


Wix is a website builder that’s easy to use for entrepreneurs and small profitable business owners.

You don’t need to know much about web design or coding with the abundance of customizable templates available and drag-and-drop features.

Wix sites can be challenging to rank on Google. This can be a problem if you want to increase organic traffic to your website when people search for laser engraving via search engines.


Squarespace is a platform that could appeal to creative people.

These templates can be customized to reflect your creativity as an engraver. Uploading your engraved products is easy, so you can quickly get started with a website.

Square Online

Square, the owners of Weebly and Square, also own an e-commerce platform.

It offers many of the same features that Weebly, but it is better if you want more control and functionality over your site.

You can rank higher on Google and be found by potential clients using the advanced SEO settings.

Add Your Products to Your Website

2. Add Your Products to Your Website

Once you have chosen your platform, it is time to upload your products onto your website.

Check out the second section for ten unique ideas on what to engrave.

It may be a good idea to segment your website to appeal to different clients.

If you offer gift laser engraving services alongside B2B services for commercial clients, consider the structure of your website.

3. Get a Price Quote

Pricing is essential for any laser engraving business.

You don’t want your laser engraving business to be priced out.

If you don’t have any testimonials or reviews from customers, price your products slightly lower.

You can always raise your prices, but once people are satisfied with your work, they will leave positive feedback.

You can also look at your competitors’ prices before you launch your website. This will help you determine the cost of laser engraving and give you an idea of how much you should charge.

Focus on Getting Positive Reviews

4. At the Beginning, Focus on Getting Positive Reviews

It’s essential to get good reviews from your customers early on.

You should treat positive reviews as gold! Even though you may not realize it, five-star reviews are worth more than an initial profit.

Therefore, you should be able to provide exceptional service and go above and beyond for clients.

You can deliver ahead of time, personalize your touch and communicate effectively to encourage clients to leave great feedback.

5. Spread the Word

This stage is where you can spread the word about your business venture.

Word of mouth is a great way to get new clients. However, it’s not enough. It would help if you also decided on a strategy to inform potential clients about your laser engraving businesses.

Here are five great ways to spread the word about your laser engraving company.

Social Media Marketing: Promote Your Business

Whatever social media platform you choose, make sure to create a profile for your business and link to it.

Make great content to show your followers your portfolio. Use it as a way to reach out to potential clients.

To drive traffic to your website via social media, you can also purchase targeted ads. Be sure to start small and optimize your ads before spending too much.

Special Discounts for First-Time Buyers

It’s a good idea to discount first-time buyers when people come to you early in your business.

This will help you attract new customers to your lucrative business. Even a 10% discount could be enough to convince people to choose your company over other competitors.

Create an Email List

Email marketing is one way to keep your customers coming back.

Consider adding a call-to-action on your website’s first page. This will invite people to sign up for an email list or receive your newsletter.

Then, you can send information and special offers about new products to those interested in your company.

If you want to scale your business, building an email list is the best thing you can do.

  • Run A Contest/Giveaway
  • Everyone loves a freebie.

You must build your audience if you want to make money using a laser machine. One of the best ways is to hold a contest or give away.

You could, for example, give away a personalized gift or $25 gift certificate to your online shop.

It will cost you some money, but it will pay off in the long term for all the new subscribers and followers you gain through the contest.

What Can I Make With A Laser Engraver

What Can I Make With A Laser Engraver?

The possibilities of making money with a laser engraving machine are limitless once you understand how to do it.

You might be asking yourself, “What can you do with a laser machine?”

Laser cutters can be used to laser engrave many things, but here are some lucrative options:

Personalized Gifts – For Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s, Anniversaries, etc

Wedding Favours – Selling engraved wedding favors is an option if you are looking for large-scale projects. by BlueRidgeEngraving

Household Products – Someone always wants to personalize their home with cutting boards or bottle openers.

If you want to know how does laser engraver work? or how to use them? let’s check out our guide right now:

How Does Laser Engraving Work? Top Full Guide 2023

How to Use a Laser Engraver? Top Full Guide 2023

Profitable Product Engraving Ideas

You can make huge profits by selling engraved products.

Google Data revealed an 80% increase in personalized gift searches between 2016-2018, a number that will continue to rise due to the increasing demand for personalized gift-giving.

Engraved gifts and laser engraved items leave a lasting impression and are memorable.

These are some business ideas for laser engraved products that you can refer back to if you get stuck on making money using a laser engraver.

How to make money with Laser Engraving Charcuterie Board

1. Charcuterie Board

People are more conscious of living a healthy lifestyle and prefer to cook at home because it is easier to use fresher ingredients and fewer preservatives.

A personalized charcuterie platter is a thoughtful gift that will make a rustic addition to family dinners and parties.

How to make money with your laser cutter Jewellery

2. Jewellery

A piece of personalized jewelry is one way to show your love.

When you think about making money with the laser cutters, personalized jewelry like a ring or necklace is a profitable option.

Leather Wallet

3. Leather Wallet

Laser machines are also helpful for leather surfaces.

A leather wallet is an essential accessory that you can engrave or sell for a profit.

4. Compass

Although you might not think compasses are used often, outdoor enthusiasts find them extremely useful for hiking and boating trips.

An engraved compass makes an excellent souvenir for adventurers. It is also a good product idea.

5. Box of Wedding Rings

Without a specially engraved box, what’s a wedding band?

An engraved ring box adds meaning to a couple’s wedding day, making it more special.

6. Bookends

This year saw the most significant increase in printed books in America, making bookends an essential part of every home.

What could be better than a simple bookend? Of course, a personalized one! These are just a few of the options you have: engraved bookends, marble bookends, or movie-themed bookends.

How much money can you make with a laser engraver Coasters

7. Coasters

Coasters are another product that can make a lot of money but is very affordable.

These are practical, durable, and keep your house clean of coffee mug stains.

8. Tumblers

Tumblers can be carried around easily, are lightweight, and keep winter drinks warm.

You can add wine tumblers to your coffee and tea, as well as personalized tumblers of different sizes.

How to Make Money With the Laser Engraver Pen

9. Pen

Pens with laser engraving are timeless gifts that will never go out of fashion.

You can also engrave the name of a person and their profession, passion, and other details, which adds personality to it.

10. Plaque

Plaques are a common way to make money from laser engraving.

The potential opportunities are endless, so it’s not surprising. Plaques can be used to commemorate a significant life event or remember a loved one. They can also be used for home and office addresses.

11. Leather Portfolio

A portfolio with engraving is excellent for protecting journals and notepads.


12. Cufflinks

Pairs of engraved cufflinks give the wearer an extra touch of elegance (and their suit).

They are, therefore, one of the most profitable laser engraved products you can engrave.

13. Engraved Photo

Customers can keep their most precious moments in memory with an engraved photo.

14. Cutlery

Personalized cutlery is an eco-friendly option that’s both convenient and practical. They make memorable gifts, no matter if it’s for baby or adult cutlery.

15. Beer/Wine Glass

Who said that glasses of alcohol could not be personalized?

These personalized gifts, such as a beer mug or wine glasses, will please everyone.

16. Maracas

These engraved maracas make an excellent gift for babies.


17. Bookmark

Personalized bookmarks are very similar to bookends. They come in leather, metal, and wooden forms.

18. Lighter

An engraved lighter makes a great companion for outdoor activities. It’s a great product to have.

19. Dog Tag

Protect your pups with custom dog tags.

20. Rubber Stamps

A rubber stamp with engraving isn’t just for professionals, but it can also be used as a creative tool. This is why it is a product you can make a profit from.

21. Clock

Engraved clocks are a great product to learn how to make money using a laser machine. They can produce a significant profit.

You can personalize the clock to show Roman numerals or old-school style. Or you can add important dates that can be passed on as a foolproof present.

How to Make Money With a Laser Engraver? Conclusion

A laser engraver is a device that uses lasers to engrave or mark an object. Laser engravers can be used to create a wide variety of custom designs and markings on various materials.

To make money with a laser engraver, you will need to find a way to use your engraver to create products or laser engraving services that people will want to buy. And above are our best ideas to make money with a laser engraver; we hope our guide was helpful.

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