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Welcome to By Boe, a cult jewelry and accessories brand that exudes Scandinavian simplicity with a flair for the extraordinary. Our journey began in 2000 as an intimate retail shop on the upper east side of Manhattan, a space that also served as the workshop for our founder, Annika Inez. Known initially as Annika Inez, our brand has since evolved into By Boe, capturing hearts and imaginations with our unique aesthetic and innovative designs.

Annika Inez, with her Scandinavian roots and diverse creative experiences, breathes life into each piece we create. Her studies in interior design at Parsons and an apprenticeship with a couture dressmaker in Dubai have all left indelible imprints on our collections, making By Boe a fresh and provocative presence in the contemporary jewelry market.

Our distinct selection of architectural and nature-inspired pendants, cuffs, and earrings quickly gained attention, expanding into a larger retail outpost in Soho and establishing a thriving wholesale jewelry business. Today, By Boe is showcased and sold in our webshop, byboe.com, while our wholesale arm continues to flourish in new and exciting markets. From small neighborhood shops to larger retail outposts across the United States and a strong presence in countries such as Japan, Ireland, France, England, Singapore, Greece, Canada, and Italy, By Boe has truly become a global brand.

Our Story

The story of By Boe is a testament to the passion, creativity, and the pursuit of beauty—Annika Inez’s unique vision, enriched by her varied experiences, brought By Boe to life. From a small workshop in Manhattan to a globally recognized brand, our journey reflects our commitment to craftsmanship, innovative design, and our cherished customers.

Our Team

At the helm of By Boe are our founder, Annika Inez, and our author Huynh Hieu, who both bring a wealth of experience as content creators in the jewelry and fashion design space. Their shared passion for design ensures that every piece of jewelry we produce is a reflection of our brand’s ethos and commitment to quality.

Annika Inez – Founder

Born in Sweden to a design-centric home, Annika Inez’s move to New York City and career in design were greatly influenced by her mother’s stories of working as a fashion designer in New York during the 1960s. Prior to opening the jewelry workshop/retail store Annika Inez in 2000, she explored different areas of design, including a footwear collection and Interior Design studies at Parsons The New School for Design.

Annika settled on her passion for jewelry and at Annika Inez produced one of a kind pieces from unique materials and vintage components. Together with a partner, she launched the wholesale arm of By Boe in 2004. Serving as inspiration was her general philosophy of the power of accessories as a bold, yet subtle personality statement.

Of her overall design influences Annika Inez states: “More than having specific inspirations such as a character from a specific movie, I have always felt that experiences and impressions that make me feel inspired and excited to create are my influences. Be it a dance performance, a walk in nature, a spectacular storm or sunset, music that makes me feel, the excitement of seeing a part of the world. The more specific sources of inspiration are usually noticeable after a collection is done.”

Huynh Hieu – SEOer, Content Creator, Author

Hieu joined in 2020 after noticing a distinct lack of results for various celebrity finance web searches. He previously spent seven years as the Digital Marketing of a large digital entertainment portal. Brian’s favorite rags-to-riches billionaire is Michael Dell.

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Thuy Dung – Content Creator, Author

Dung is an expert in fashion and design with over 5 years of experience. At Byboe.com, She channels her passion for creativity into crafting captivating fashion designs. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to innovation, She strive to create pieces that make a statement and leave a lasting impression. Welcome to the world of Byboe! 

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We invite you to explore our collection and be part of the By Boe journey. Discover the unique blend of simplicity and sophistication that defines us. Let’s create beautiful stories together.

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