How To Clean Brass Jewelry? 2023 Best Tips

How To Clean Brass Jewelry 2023 Best Tips

Brass is known for its bright luster and golden gleam. When new and cleaned, this metal has a shine as good as gold. However, over time, brass tends to get dull and tarnish. Therefore needs to be properly cared for to maintain its look.

How To Clean Brass Jewelry? By Boe has listed some ways to Return brass to its original look that is not difficult for you.

Preserving brass patina

It can be easy to suppose the layer of tarnish (known as patina) that covers metal is undesirable. However, in reality, many men and women love the expression of the patina since it adds color and personality to your item of jewelry.

Preserving brass patina

If you’re one of these folks and care to save the patina in your brass jewelry, then all you need to do is wash your pieces with soap and warm water daily and then take out the grime and dirt build-up.

Do not use a polishing cloth as this can remove the patina. Instead, wipe lightly with a soft cloth and wash the jewelry well to prevent water stains.

Removing the tarnish on brass jewelry

Should you like to remove the tarnish on the brass jewelry, then there are many ways to achieve this quickly in your home. The majority of the processes detailed below use common household ingredients which are natural and safe to use.

Removing the tarnish on brass jewelry

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an excellent cleaner of mild tarnish due to its acidic properties. Squeeze the juice of a lemon and then pour it into a glass or plastic jar combined with a cup of water. It is possible to add a teaspoon of salt to get a deeper clean.

Put your jewelry into the mix and let it be entirely submerged. Leave the juice for approximately 15 to 30 minutes, swishing it from the liquid now and then. It is possible to use a soft cloth or even a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the tarnish gently. When the jewelry is a wash, rinse thoroughly with water and then wipe dry.

2. Salt and lime or lemon

This procedure permits you to utilize the lime or lemon to rub on the brass jewelry. First, cut a lime or lemon in half, then place a fantastic quantity of salt onto the cut and rub on the brass jewelry with this. Add more salt if needed, and rub on the jewelry until wash. Be careful as salt could be abrasive, and so maintain the rubbing tenderly.

Use a soft toothbrush to reach the difficult-to-reach portions of the jewelry as soon as you’re satisfied, dry, and wash your items.

3. Tomato Ketchup

Utilize the tomato ketchup on your refrigerator for this particular method for a fast and straightforward approach to clean brass jewelry. Like lime and lemon, berries are also acidic and are a fantastic way to clean brass jewelry lightly and without harm.

Employ some tomato ketchup on a soft cloth or straight on the jewelry. Then, use your palms, a soft brush, or material to rub on the ketchup to the jewelry, eliminating the tarnish from the process. To get a more comprehensive clean, it is possible to leave the ketchup on the jewelry for many minutes.

Wash the jewelry with water thoroughly to remove the ketchup. If the jewelry isn’t relatively as clean as you’d like it to be, then it is possible to repeat the process the next time. After completed, do not forget to wash the brass jewelry nicely to prevent water stains.

Do you not have some ketchup in your kitchen? Try Worcestershire sauce instead. You may use it in precisely the same manner comprehensive above for ketchup.

4. Soap and water

Sometimes simply using water and soap works flawlessly to wash your brass jewelry easily and naturally.

Clean your brass jewelry from warm water and mild liquid soap. Next, use a soft cloth or brush to rub away any dirt onto the jewelry lightly. When the bits look clean and bright, rinse off the soap and dry thoroughly. To get a deeper wash with soap and water, wash the brass jewelry using a cloth or brush while submerged.

This is best to get rid of light tarnishing, and grime and dirt build-up.

5. The Vinegar and Flour Paste

You may produce your cleaning glue using fundamental ingredients in your pantry rather than purchasing expensive and dangerous chemical cleaners available on the market. Many times, both of these options produce the very same outcomes.

The vinegar and flour paste is among the very best brass cleaning procedures. All you will need is a tsp of salt, a half-cup of vinegar, and a few kinds of pasta.

Mix these three components to make a smooth paste, adding flour as needed. Apply this mixture to your brass jewelry and leave it for approximately 15 minutes. Then use a soft brush to wash off the mixture under warm running water gently.

6. Non-Gel Toothpaste

Toothpaste has ever been utilized for cleaning a variety of brass, and plastics are no exception. So place some toothpaste on a soft palate and use it over your Japanese jewelry, rubbing lightly as you possibly can.

Be aware that gel toothpaste isn’t as powerful. Additionally, it’s wise not to use this method often to scrape your brass things as time passes.

7. Vinegar and salt

Vinegar and salt create a fantastic mix to fight tarnish on brass jewelry. Mix a half cup of vinegar with one teaspoon of salt in a glass or plastic container (avoid using metal containers).

Heat the mixture in the microwave and put your bits of brass jewelry into the mix. Make sure that the bits are underwater and leave for many minutes. Use your fingers or a cloth to rub away stubborn stains. When the brass remains sterile, remove the solution and wash thoroughly.

8. Vinegar and baking soda

Another way of cleaning brass jewelry entails making a paste with vinegar and baking soda. The acid from the vinegar and the salt of this baking soda, when blended, efficiently removes tarnish.

Mix the two components to make a smooth paste. Be aware that as you blend both, the components will fizz in the beginning. Do not worry; this is normal. Use your palms, a cloth, or a soft brush to rub this glue into your brass jewelry and leave for 15 to thirty minutes. Later, rinse the brass jewelry dry and healthy.

9. Ammonia solution

Ammonia is a natural and safe product, so don’t allow its name to scare you off. But, take caution when using ammonia because it can sometimes cause some unwanted reactions like burning eyes and throat. Use goggles, gloves and operate in a ventilated room in the event you choose to use ammonia.

Dilute 1 part of ammonia eight pieces of water in a container. Scrub your brass bits in the liquid for many minutes. It is possible to use a cloth or brush to rub the tarnish off the bits while it soaks. When the brass is shiny, eliminate it from the mix and wash it thoroughly.

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Plated brass or complete brass?

Describe whether your jewelry is metal plated or brass since this will impact how you should wash it. Plated metal is when a thin coating of metal is layered over a different alloy.

Plated brass or complete brass

One way to check this is to determine whether the item is magnetic. Hold a magnet near your jewelry and watch for a response. Total brass doesn’t respond to appeals. But, plated brass frequently does.

If you believe that your piece is plated, take more caution when cleaning since the plating can burn quickly if you polish it a lot too often. In cases like this, it’s ideal for washing out the jewelry using all the soap and water procedures.

Other components in brass jewelry

Some brass jewelry was created with different elements such as bricks, shells, corals, fabric, or other materials.

You’ve got to consider this when cleaning the jewelry, as the approaches we’ve described above are intended for cleaning just brass, and there’s the threat you could harm these other areas of the jewelry. When in doubt, stick with warm soap and water as which works for whatever.

Other components in brass jewelry

Brass cleaning tips

  • Brass retains water stains which could make unsightly whitish stains in your jewelry. Always make sure you’ve dried brass jewelry entirely before storing or wearing it to prevent those water stains. Additionally, when cleaning, do not go against the grain since this may cause scratches.
  • If you’re thinking about purchasing a commercial jewelry cleaner, be sure it may be employed with brass. But, again, check the label for this, and if it doesn’t expressly state it is intended to be used with brass, it’s ideal to steer clear of this.
  • In the end, take care in case your brass jewelry is antique brass and has a gorgeous patina. The approaches described above can harm this classic touch. Instead, use warm water and soap to wash out the brass jewelry and after rinsed and dried, use some olive oil throughout the surface of the bit to keep its shine. You might even decide to buff using a polishing cloth.

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FAQs about brass jewelry

FAQs about brass jewelry

1. How do you keep brass jewelry shiny?

For light tarnish, cleaning your brass jewelry with lemon and salt works great! Cut a lemon in half. Dip the cut side of one of the lemon halves into a small bowl of salt. Rub the salt and lemon over the surface of the brass jewelry until it shines. Use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach places. Rinse the jewelry.

2. What is the best cleaner for brass?

Ketchup, Tomato Sauce, or Tomato Paste Tomatoes contain an acid that helps to remove tarnish on brass and other metals; that’s why applying a tomato-based product can work wonders on your brass. Ketchup, tomato paste, and tomato sauce all work equally well. Apply a layer to your brass and leave it on for an hour.

3. What can you soak brass in to clean it?

Vinegar Soak Remove tarnish from a relatively small, solid-brass object such as a bookend or souvenir by soaking it in a mixture of one part white vinegar, two parts water. Submerge the piece for several hours, then wipe it with a water-dampened white cloth. Buff the brass dry with another soft white cloth.

4. How do you clean copper and brass jewelry?

Mix up a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice with a couple of teaspoons of vinegar. Add just enough baking soda to make it become a gritty paste. Use this with a cloth to scrub your brass or copper items. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean cloth.


Beautiful Brass Jewelry will help you attract people’s attention. However, to keep their attractive appearance, you must regularly clean your jewelry. Each type of jewelry requires a specific cleaning regimen.

You have to be careful to use the cleaning methods recommended for Brass Jewelry if you follow our guidelines above. So your brass jewelry will always shine and look new for years or even forever. We hope this article was helpful to you!

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