Can You Make Money Selling Paparazzi Jewelry? 2023 Reviews

Can You Make Money Selling Paparazzi Jewelry 2023 Best Reviews

If you are looking for something to do business, what do you think about how to make money from selling paparazzi jewelry. In addition to being affordable, paparazzi jewelry is safer to wear anywhere without any risk of theft.

It sounds like a great idea, but can you really make money this way?

Well, the answer is yes. The paparazzi jewelry company will pay consultants $2.25 in commission for each item you sell. Although this is not much, you can increase your income in your free time or build a consulting team under you.

Can You Make Money Selling Paparazzi Jewelry? In this article, By Boe will provide essential information on what selling paparazzi jewelry entails, how to get started, and how much money you can make to ease your decision.

What’s Paparazzi Jewelry?

Paparazzi Jewelry is cheap jewelry that’s produced using a network marketing company named Paparazzi Accessories. According to the company, it is”consistently fabulous, always stylish, and always $5.”

The paparazzi jewelry costs $5 per bit, so it is not as though you’re going to be making money selling on every sale. And that may be sufficient for many people to dismiss this as a flawed paparazzi business opportunity. However, when every customer is purchasing heaps of bits as time passes, it adds up.

What's Paparazzi Jewelry

That is something Paparazzi Accessories understands nicely.

They understand they’re catering to a dependent market, which is filled with repeat buyers. So, therefore, even though those pieces market at a mere $5 a pop, jewelry every Customer’s lifetime value is a lot greater.

What do I mean by “addiction niche”?

Well, many Paparazzi antique clients will continue to purchase these products from dependence or addiction. And also the company knows this. They even go as far as to inspire you to”feed your addiction” by buying more jewelry. Because at the end of the day, that is where the money is created. Through plenty of smaller purchases.

I have to confess, and I do find this kind of advertising somewhat opportunistic. I mean, some folks probably have an actual problem with squandering money with this stuff.

However, I guess it depends upon how you look at it.

In any event, it is working. Girls all around the planet, particularly younger women, are enjoying this stuff. And they have come to be a multi-million dollar company selling paparazzi accessories.

Where Is the Jewelry Made?

Paparazzi jewelry is made in China.

The group makes it at Paparazzi Accessories, led up by Misty Kirby and Chani Reeve but produced abroad.

This should come as no surprise because most products are produced in China. Even product manufacturers such as Apple design their products in the USA and outsource the production to China.

Where Is the Jewelry Made

This is because labor is cheaper, and so long as you’ve got strict excellent control guidelines set up and a good work environment for those employees, it is a win-win for everybody. And it is among the principal reasons the jewelry can be found at such a minimal price.

How Much Can You Earn Selling Paparazzi Jewelry?

Consultants make a 45% commission on any paparazzi jewelry offered, and it can be a high commission fee for a physical product (Amazon pays less than 10 percent ). But given that every piece of jewelry costs $5, that only turns out to some $2.25 commission per slice.

That means you’d have to be selling a lot of jewelry to make money selling paparazzi accessories. I mean, at least 50-100 portions daily to replace your day job.

That is precisely why many Paparazzi Accessories consultants do not rely on selling jewelry to be prosperous. Instead, they operate on building a team of direct sales beneath them.

How Much Can You Earn Selling Paparazzi Jewelry

As I mentioned previously, Paparazzi jewelry is a community marketing (MLM) company. And it is essential to know if you are considering getting into the paparazzi business opportunity for yourself as an independent consultant. As it comes to just how much you make money selling paparazzi accessories, it mostly comes down to just how large your staff is.

If you’ll have the ability to sell all of them, however, the big question is, how will you be able to market all of them?

Okay, you could say wow! That is cool; I will create that making money in only one package bought?

Well, it all depends upon you!

As I have mentioned from the former portion of the review, have you got a high number of individuals to market this Paparazzi jewelry?

If you would like to justify your response and tell me there is an internet where I will market my Paparazzi jewelry.

Are you ready to cover the shipping price? And, of course, there’s intense rivalry on Facebook live. Do you believe that your buyer may wish to shoulder the shipping price when they purchase from you? If you’re decided and stated yes, then good fortune!

We also need to consider and consider the quality of the packed items, each bit contained in the starter kit is identical.

According to what I have experienced, a few of the items we are looking great, the grade to get a $5 cost decoration was more than what you think about 5, that is why people you’ve proven the substance in the first area had picked the top one.

And how about the rest?

Well, I will tell you frankly. It is going to be difficult to eliminate or sell. So simply the outcome, you will wind up using it, self-consumption, and you also lost cash!
The same as any other MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Vorwerk, and more, you may find a commission from whoever joined under you as a referral.

As a paparazzi accessories Consultant, you’ll get up to 10 percent commission on people who join your group.

My question would be…

Do you know anyone to join you in order for you to build a team?

I’ll honestly tell you never had some referrals that join paparazzi. It is not the reason I do not know anybody, but since I do not want other people to experience what I’d experienced.

I did not do my part to the invitation, convince or introduce someone to join paparazzi; I understood that it isn’t likely to function, it will not do the job for your long-term.

Perhaps others do good, make money with paparazzi from it for many others, including myself searching for a long-run organization; you may want to give a go on internet affiliate marketing.

Who’s Paparazzi For?

If your character is fond of the style, customized jewelry accessories and wants to market these products offline or online, you may consider registering for a membership.

Whenever you’re enthusiastic about sporting different accessories and want to attend a party, then you may try to see. Still, after all of my pitched with this review, I trust you’re in a position to identify and pick with no doubts in the end if you still decide to join paparazzi.

What do I not desire with Paparazzi?

These are only a couple of things I needed to mention.

1. Inventory

Could you imagine how much hassle it is to if you think about your stock available for your clients?

The Paparazzi model promotes buying a stock that you market. The target is to market the purchased inventory at a profit. This could be insecure. Imagine if you can not sell it?

On the flip side, I wish to share the way to do paparazzi business without thinking and coping with any stock. What I do as a dwelling is being an Affiliate Marketer.

2. Return Policy

Paparazzi’s return coverage is very restricted. It merely allows for returns within three days for damage and defects. When an independent consultant can fix the jewelry is not qualified for return. End customers (not consultants) have ten days to get damaged products. A stock buyback is offered to become consultants (for under the cost ); however, there are many strict rules.

3. Maintaining Status As An Active Consultant

To become an”ACTIVE” paparazzi consultant, you will need at least 2 pv jewelry every calendar month. 50 PV’s translates into 25 pieces. Thus a Paparazzi Consultant should buy 25 articles a month to be known as Energetic.

You have to buy 50 units of private volume to keep active status. The prices for this particular PV in $5 jewelry are approximately $70 per month. It would help if you were an energetic paparazzi consultant to see the average earnings for paparazzi consultants, be qualified for commission tests, and get additional benefits.

How much can you earn by recruiting people?

I go into more detail about the reimbursement plan in my Paparazzi Accessories inspection, but here’s a Fast breakdown to give you an idea:

Business Building Bonus: paparazzi consultant makes a 15% commission if a new sponsor purchases a Starter Kit. That works out to $15-$75 commissions.

Unilevel Bonus: This is the bread and butter of this payment program. It pays up to 10% commissions of whatever earnings are created inside your downline.

Other Bonuses: You will find many different bonuses that cover you according to the revenue action of your downline. The more people you recruit and the more direct sales they make money selling paparazzi accessories, the more you can earn. There is also a money bonus given to people who progress high enough in position, to the $25-$50K.

As you can see, it is not about simply selling paparazzi jewelry. It is about building a team to see the average earnings for paparazzi consultants that sell this material and developing your team.

What you may find is, like most MLM companies, the many prosperous men and women who earn the most money are people who build the most important and most productive direct sales company.

Nobody can give you a specific figure as to how much cash you’re likely to make money selling paparazzi accessories. However, the company undoubtedly imposes no earning limitation. Therefore it finally comes down to the number of direct sales you make money with paparazzi and how many people you recruit.

How Do You Get Paid?

There are a couple of different methods you get paid as a paparazzi consultant; it truly depends upon how you plan on selling paparazzi.

How Do You Get Paid

Method 1: You can buy Paparazzi antiques at wholesale for $2.75 per bit, re-sell it in-home celebrations for $5, and maintain the $2.25 profit. This resembles how companies like Avon, Tupperware, and SeneGence operate.

Method 2: You can market Paparazzi Jewelry online through your replicated shop (the one that the company provides you as an independent consultant). And in doing so, you can get a 45% commission ($2.25), which can be paid for you by check every month.

Method 3: If you opt to construct your group, and get started earning commissions, then the company pays commissions by check predicated on whatever you make money selling paparazzi accessories, as soon as you satisfy the minimal $20 payment brink.

How Do You Get Started?

The very best way to begin is to see the Paparazzi Accessories site ( and follow the prompts.

How much does it cost to start selling Paparazzi jewelry?

How Do You Get Started

1. Buy a starter kit of $99

35 Pieces of Jewelry Retail Value = $175

Including 35 pieces of stock as follows:

  • Design Snapshot
  • Stylist Tip Card
  • Necklace Bust
  • 100 Pink Revenue Bags
  • Paparazzi Party Planner
  • 25 Screen Hooks
  • Total Jewelry Tool Kit
  • 25 Party Invitations
  • Vinyl Window Decal
  • 25 Receipts
  • 5 paparazzi consultants Registration Types
  • 10 Thank You Cards
  • 10 Regular Buyer Loyalty Cards
  • 5 Compensation Plan Brochures

2. Purchased 299 Small Home Party Kit

$299 Small Home Party Kit

120 Pieces of Jewelry Retail Value = $600

120 pieces of antiques and Accessories

  • 3 Design Snapshots
  • 3 Stylist Suggestion Cards
  • Necklace Bust
  • Ring Display
  • 50 Pink Revenue Bags
  • Paparazzi Accessories Business Success Plan
  • 75 Display Hooks
  • Total Jewelry Tool Kit
  • 50 Party Invitations
  • Vinyl Window Decal
  • 25 Receipts
  • 5 paparazzi consultants Registration Types
  • 10 Thank You Cards
  • 10 Regular Buyer Loyalty Cards
  • 5 Compensation Plan brochures

3. Purchased 499 Big Home Party Kit

$499 Big Home Party Kit

200 Pieces of Jewelry Retail Value = 1000

Let us look at what’s from the Paparazzi Jewelry $499 starter kit:

  • 200 pieces of antiques and Accessories
  • 5 Design Snapshots
  • 5 Stylist Tip Cards
  • Necklace Bust
  • Ring Display
  • Earring Display
  • Bracelet Screen
  • 100 Pink Revenue Bags
  • Paparazzi Jewelry Company Success Program
  • 100 Screen Hooks
  • Total Jewelry Tool Kit
  • 50 Party Invitations
  • Vinyl Window Decal
  • 25 Receipts
  • 5 paparazzi consultants Registration Types
  • 10 Thank You Cards
  • 10 Regular Buyer Loyalty Cards
  • 10 Compensation Plan brochures
  • Convention Ticket ($185 value)

Read also:

How Do You Sell Paparazzi Jewelry?

Most people who market Paparazzi dolls rely on friends and loved ones. After all, it’s known as”network marketing,” so it’s a whole lot to do with media with individuals.

I had been in MLM once upon a time, which was among the worst aspects of it. Rather than selling jewelry people desired to individuals who wanted them, I had been running around pitching everybody I knew.

How Do You Sell Paparazzi Jewelry

Please do not fall into that trap!

It may be simple and provides you a few sales, but this isn’t an efficient means to create any long-term. If you don’t enjoy media and constantly pitching to brand new men and women face to face, you should venture facebook live.

And this is really where studying online advertising abilities will help you tremendously. Since there are more than 4 billion people on the internet, there is much more chance to profit.

How to sell paparazzi jewelry on facebook live or how to sell paparazzi jewelry without going live?

There are several different approaches that you may go about doing it. By way of instance, you could begin a YouTube station, site, Instagram, or facebook live accounts, to name a couple. And these can do the job nicely.

The most significant issue is that you understand the core process of how to create one or more of these approaches work to sell just about any product that you desire.

Plus, it could be broken down into three significant steps:

  • Establish your perfect customer
  • Construct your”tribe.”
  • Introduce your tribe into your offer

The first step is all about defining who you will be promoting into (girls interested in low-cost jewelry). The next step is all about creating an audience (AKA tribe) of this is composed of this kind of person. And the next thing is all about efficiently promoting the product to such people.

When you know this process and place it to action, you’re likely to have the ability to sell as much product as you need and construct a sizable group. At the minimum, it is a lot more potent than recruiting people that you know.

Can you sell Jewelry on Poshmark?

Where Can I Sell Paparazzi? Paparazzi is lenient on where and how we can sell the jewelry. We can sell both on and offline. … We cannot sell on sales platforms like eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, Facebook live, or others.


We hope the above information will be beneficial to you. How much you make money selling paparazzi depends on your level of effort. You don’t need to make big money immediately, or even if you focus on selling paparazzi jewelry. But if you sell the jewelry and build your Paparazzi Accessories team, you could eventually create a lucrative business.

And if you love the products and company, then you’re building a paparazzi business that you can be proud of and enjoy building. Which is priceless.


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