Glowforge Plus 3d Laser Printer Review 2023

Glowforge Plus 3d Laser Printer Review 2023

Glowforge is a 3D laser printer perfect for home and small business use. It is easy to set up and use, and it prints high-quality objects quickly and easily. In addition to its printing capabilities, Glowforge can also be used to etch and cut a variety of materials. In this Glowforge Plus 3d Laser Printer Review, Byboe will show you all details about this machine.

Glowforge Plus 3d Laser Printer Reviews

Glowforge Plus 3d Laser Printer Reviews

  • Glowforge exterior: 965 x 527 x 210mm
  • Air filter exterior: 965mm x 527mm x 178mm
  • Maximum material depth: 455 mm
  • Maximum material width: 515 mm
  • Cutting area: 279 mm depth / 495mm wide
  • Maximum material height: 50mm
  • Maximum material height when using a tray: 13mm
  • Cut and Engrave: Wood, leather, fabric, paper, cardboard plexiglass Delrin, mylar rubber, cork, sandpaper, food.
  • Only for engraving: Glass, marble, and rubber stamps. Stone, ceramic tile, anodized aluminum, titanium, etc.
  • Interface compatibility: Mac, PC, Linux, mobile devices
  • File compatibility: JPG and PNG, SVG, PDF, etc.
  • Wide Angle Camera: Mounted on the lid gives a view of the entire printable area. Accuracy within 0.25” (6mm).
  • Macro Camera: Mounted on your head gives extreme close-up information for autofocus. Accuracy within 0.004’s (0.1mm).
  • Laser Type: CO2 Laser A custom CO2 laser tube that can operate continuously at 10,600 nm and is rated at 45 Watts
  • Fixed alignment: Factory calibrated optical systems
  • Sealed Optics: Protects laser optics with an enclosed optical path that has cleanable and replaceable windows
  • Case: High modulus injection-molded plastic
  • Linear System: Extruded aluminum linear rails combined with a belt-driven v-wheel carrier
  • Motion: Single hybrid stepper, X-axis hybrid; dual hybrid stepper.
  • Cooling: Internal cooling via closed-loop, self-contained system.
  • Air Assist: No external compressor required.
  • Recommended Operating Temperature: 16-24

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to set up
  • It is easy to use, making it an appealing choice for beginners.
  • It can engrave on many different proofgrade materials making it highly versatile
  • It’s safe to use, and it comes with an enclosed frame


  • It is bulky in design.
  • Without a WIFI connection, the printer will not work.
  • It can be noisy, and it emits a pungent smell.

Glowforge review What's Included

What’s Included?

The package also contains the printer and an exhaust hose. This can be vented outside via a dryer vent or through a window. The stocking measures 8 feet in length and 4 inches in width.


GlowForge Pro, an earlier version, was designed for advanced users. It featured a pass-through slot that allowed users unlimited hours of work.

This part is not included in the Plus version. The main difference is that the price has been lowered to nearly $2000. This is a fantastic deal!

It’s hard to believe that someone would ignore this feature when they can get almost the same laser cutter at a fraction of the price.

Many features allow the laser cutter to be as capable as the most advanced. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

45W CO2 Laser Tube: This laser cutter comes with a 45W CO2 laser tube. This laser cutting technology can provide a very high cutting power and a precision of up 1/1000th of an inch.

Glowforge designed the laser tube. Hence, it utilizes a unique Mode 0′ design. Lasers are designed to have a higher power density overall.

Glowforge Plus laser cutter has a compact design. It is ideal for small offices and homes. The desktop laser cutter and engraver can be easily placed on tables or work surfaces. Its compact design makes it easy to use for personal purposes.

Multi-Material Support: This laser cutter can be used with many different materials. You can use the device with many materials, including wood, leather, acrylic, cardboard, paper, glass, and fabric. This material does not have to be limited to these materials but includes metals such as titanium and anodized aluminum.

Built-in Closed-Loop Watercooling System: The GlowForge Plus laser cutter has a closed-loop water cooling system. This reduces the need for an additional cooler or water pump.

Fume Filtration. The desktop laser engraver uses an air compressor to remove the fumes from the laser beam. This helps prevent ignition and protects the lens.

Lasers can be highly destructive and dangerous when they contact the body. The company designed an enclosed design to protect users. This prevents the user from directly reaching the laser beams and fumes when running.

Auto-Adjusted Optic Equipment: This product has one of the most exciting features that set it apart from its competitors. This allows the user to eliminate manual lens adjustment.

The machine also comes with a honeycomb baseplate. This baseplate is designed to maximize heat transfer between the material & the air.

Sturdy Body: The product is assembled from high-quality metal, plastic, and glass parts. CNC machining is used to manufacture all aspects of the machine. The machine’s body is solid and durable, ensuring reliability throughout the operation.

Glowforge Plus Automatic Material Detection Settings help detect the settings for the best results. This is only possible for the company’s recommended Proofgrade materials.

Users can set the laser cutter not to change when using proprietary materials and still achieve the best results in the laser cutting process and engraving.

GlowForge is a beginner’s friendly solution. This means that anyone can use the technology even if they have no previous experience. Anyone with basic knowledge can operate the machine. The machine is easy to learn, which can be honed.

This machine is worth every penny for many reasons. GlowForge Pro offers a significant price difference from its predecessor. Pro also includes most of the advanced features Pro has.

Glowforge Plus 3d Laser Printer Installation


It’s not difficult to set up. According to the company, you can begin using the machine within 30 minutes of unpacking. It’s not the most challenging part of setting up the device. But choosing the suitable model to print is.

You can set up your Glowforge using Wi-Fi or a regular outlet in no time. Keep your device at 8 feet from the window to the exhaust hose.

Monitoring the prints would be possible with the help of the live camera. The machine comes with onboard cameras that allow you to view the preview of the design from within the device. Place the scenario using your finger or mouse to position it as you wish.

After unboxing your device:

  • Slide the crumb tray in the bottom of the printer area.
  • Slide until you feel the feet settle into place.
  • Slide the metal plate to your left to place the printer head.

Then push the arm towards the back of your device. Install the orange cylinder carefully by inserting it into the printer’s head. The position printer will then make the metal materials plate away by pushing the position printer head over it. You should hear the click sound.

Next, you will need to attach the exhaust. The hose should be connected to the printer. Connect the other end outside the window or vent. This will prevent the gases and fumes from entering your office or place of work.

Finally, plug the machine in. The device will light up when you turn the on/off button. After all, parts have been installed; you can sign up for a Glowforge Account. Connect to the WIFI and calibrate your machine. After calibrating the device, you can begin printing.

This laser engraver is very easy to use. It takes only three steps to reach the final print. First, you need to design the model. This can be done using software like AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator. If not, you can draw using your pen.

Next, add the material to be cut as per the design. After hitting the print button, you can print one number or several numbers simultaneously. This is the last step to put these pieces together and get your final model.

Type of printing/Cost

Laser engraving technology is used to create the end pieces of the 3D printer. The material selection will determine the cost of operation.

You can choose from standard materials like wood, cardboard, or metals. The printing cost will vary depending on the size of the model and the amount used.

Print Quality

It prints well. The machine can be relied upon for many tasks. Laser engraving is a tool that allows you to print on various materials. According to the company’s promises, the laser engraver can print on different materials with a precision equal to human hair. It is, therefore, exact and accurate.



Powerpoint, CAD, and Adobe Illustrator are all options for creating your designs. You can also use your own hands. GlowForge is entirely cloud-based. You can also feed the popular apps listed above the GlowForge software.

This is why you need to have your printer connected to the WIFI at all times. Automatic software updates are available, and your machine can be kept up-to-date in terms of new features.


The price is an essential factor to consider when buying a 3D printing laser engraving machine. This number will vary depending on your budget, so make sure you look for a printer within your price range.

Capability and Features

A 3D printer can be used to create many different objects. Is the printer you are considering offering the features you require to print the items you desire?

Customer Service

The company provides two years warranty. The instruction manual that came with the machine contains all the information needed to use the engraver.

The customer service could have been more helpful. The good news is the community is so large with many users that it is easy to find answers to questions related to the device.

Parameters Influencing the Buying Decision

It would help to evaluate whether the machine is worth the money before you spend thousands of dollars. You must also make sure that the offer is tailored to your needs and determine if you need it.

Cost of a 3D printer: This printer is affordable for professionals and businesses working on specific projects. However, for those who want to make models for fun, the printer is not an option. It’s not worth giving away the $3995 cost.

3D Print quality is excellent: This printer can be used for special projects. According to the company, the printer can achieve precision as close as the width of a human hair. It fits perfectly.

3D printing speed: This speed is also excellent. The models can be prepared in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on how complex your design is.

3D Printer capabilities: The printer can do many things. You can easily create parts and put them together. This allows you to build many things.

The 3D printer is practical: This machine can create custom items.

3D Printer User Expectations: The machine works as it should. It’s between the primary and Pro versions of GlowForge. This allows for a balance between affordability and quality.

Glowforge Plus Review: FAQs

Glowforge Plus Review FAQs

What Can I Create With My Glowforge 3d Laser Printer?

You can use your Glowforge to cut wood, paper, leather, and mylar, as well as paper, leather, Plexiglass, rubber, vinyl, and many other materials. Your Glowforge can also engrave many items, including metals, marble, phones, and tablets, as well as coated metals, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

How Often Does the Glowforge Laser Need to Be Replaced?

Glowforge’s laser tube must be replaced every two years. A customer made an equipment piece that is rated for two years. Glowforge’s warranty covers any damage that occurs before this time. However, it would help if you continuously verified this yourself.

What Is Different About Laser Engraving and Etching?

You’ll notice a big difference between engraving and etching. Engraving involves chemicals, while etching involves physical processes. An etcher will burn lines in the material with acid, while a laser cutting technology uses a sharp tool that cuts the cables directly into the surface.

Where Is Glowforge Located?

Glowforge products can be made from parts sourced around the globe, but the facility is based in Seattle, Washington. Each unit is designed and manufactured in this location.

What Types of Products Does Glowforge Offer?

Glowforge has a wide range of high-quality products that can be customized to your needs and level of experience.

  • Glowforge Basic 40W Laser Power
  • Glowforge Plus: 40W Laser Power, 2x Enhanced Top Speed
  • Glowforge PRO – 45W Laser Power, 3x Enhanced Top Speed, as well as enhanced cooling.

Glowforge also offers a Glowforge app for Glowforge owners that allows printing control from iOS devices. It will enable you to upload photos directly from your camera library to your design.


Glowforge Plus laser cutter is a 3D laser printer that prints in full color. It is easy to use and has a large build area. The materials that can be used are also many, and it is perfect for small businesses. In addition to its many features, the Glowforge Plus laser cutter is also durable and great for cutting and etching. We hope that our review can help you know it is worth buying.


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