Glowforge vs Epilog 2023: Which Laser Cutter is Better?

Glowforge vs Epilog 2023 Which Laser Cutter is Better

Glowforge and Epilog are laser cutters used to make prototypes and small-scale productions. Glowforge is a newer model that is smaller, cheaper, and easier to use, but Epilog is a more established brand with a broader range of features. Glowforge vs Epilog, which is the better? Keep reading this article, Byboe will let you know which is suitable for your projects.

Glowforge and Epilog Epilog


  • Cooling: Fans and laser tubes that are air-cooled
  • Software: Epilog Job Administrator
  • Beam Power: 30w, 40w
  • Technology CO2 laser tube

Pros and Cons


  • Laser cutter with high-quality for laser engraving and creating designs
  • Small businesses and hobbyists can afford a reasonable cost
  • External cooling is not required
  • Many support laser options are available
  • It is simple to use and straightforward
  • You don’t have to be connected to the internet


  • The laser cutter doesn’t come with a platform lift system
  • Zing 16 Laser can only be used on Windows

Glowforge or Epilog Glowforge


  • Cooling: Closed-loop cooling system
  • Software: Cloud-based web application
  • 45 watts of laser power
  • Technology CO2 laser tube

Pros and Cons


  • It’s simple to use, but it is powerful.
  • It is compatible with many different materials
  • A closed-loop internal cooling system
  • There are many support options available
  • Some people find it easier to use the cloud.


  • It doesn’t have an LCD screen, which can be a problem.
  • Cloud-based services may not work well depending on your internet connection speed.

Epilog Laser Vs Glowforge: Comparison

Epilog Laser Vs Glowforge Comparison 

Epilog Vs Glowforge: Laser Cutting

Okay, so laser cutting is the main reason you look at these models. How do the Epilog machines and Glowforge laser machines compare?

There are two laser cutters for the Epilog Zing 16 Laser: 30w or 40w. Its 16″ x12″ dimensions make it ideal for a desktop laser cutter. The Zing 16 Laser is fast and precise in cutting objects, according to our experience.

Although Epilog lasers are considered a more traditional brand, they are reliable. The Epilog engraver Zing 16 can be used to cut and engrave various materials.

The Glowforge Pro has a 45w laser, which is more potent than the Glowforge basic or Plus models. The Glowforge, like the Zing 16, cuts very fast but also achieves precision and accuracy.

You can easily cut soft materials such as leather and certain woods and engrave metals. The bed measures 11”x19.5 (279 mm by 495 mm).
You won’t find any materials that these laser machines can’t handle.

Glowforge vs. Epilog: Cooling

A laser cutter’s cooling system is an important feature. Laser cutting and engraving can heat up, so a cooling system is essential. This reduces the risk of overheating and allows the laser machine to work longer. It also improves efficiency.

The Epilog Zing 16 Laser uses an air-cooled laser tube to maintain a consistent temperature. The laser machine also has cooling fans and cooling vents. The engraving machines don’t require additional cooling systems.

The laser technology and cooling fans combined with the cooling vents and fans do a great job keeping the temperature down.

The Glowforge Pro is slightly different, as you will see if you read our review of the Glowforge Laser machines. However, it does have an internal cooling system that helps regulate the temperature.

It’s a closed-loop cooling system that uses air from the engraving area where the laser cutter is installed to keep it from overheating.

Glowforge’s cooling system works at temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (16C), respectively.

Glowforge and Epilog: Software

Laser machines must use the same software as a 3D printer to accurately cut and engrave various types of material.

The Zing Laser uses the Epilog Job Manager to control cutting, engraving, and other jobs that you send to it. The Epilog Dashboard can be installed directly on your computer. You can also download drivers from the website.

You don’t need to be online to use the Zing 16 Laser by Epilog. Additional software, such as PhotoLaser Plus Software, can be purchased from Epilog. This is for photoengraving.

Glowforge uses cloud software to control the laser engraving machine and ensure precise cutting. Because it uses the cloud and a Glowforge app, you will need to be online to access it. This has its upsides as well as downsides.

Cloud technology is constantly updated. If you have an internet connection, things should go smoothly. However, interruptions to internet service can cause disruptions. This cloud software packages allow you to set up a variety of presets that will make your life easier.

Glowforge or Epilog Platforms

Glowforge or Epilog: Platforms

Glowforge and Epilog have many differences. The platforms on which the software and machine can be used are one.

Glowforge can be used from any device that has an internet connection. Glowforge Plus can be used on Linux, Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can also use it via your smartphone or tablet.

The Epilog Laser Laser is slightly different. The laser is compatible with Windows 32 or 64-bit XP and Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 10. The Job Manager software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Glowforge laser vs Epilog: Pricing

Laser cutters are becoming more affordable over the years, mainly due to the advancement of technology and the emergence of more manufacturers.

This is similar to the increasing availability of 3D printers at affordable prices that were unavailable just a few decades ago. This is apparent when looking at the epilog laser cost and Gowforge price.

The Epilog Zing Laser 16 is not expensive and offers a high-quality laser cutter at a reasonable price. You get the laser cutter, a 2-year warranty, and the software to use it.

Online training and support are available. You can purchase a variety of accessories and upgrades to enhance your product. These include a vector cutting grid and DC3 portable exhaust unit.

Glowforge Pro is slightly cheaper than Epilog Zing Laser 16 (check Wellbots to see pricing and deals). If you want, you can add an air filter to the machine.

This will allow you to remove the fumes from the device without leaving it open. You get the laser cutter and a one-year warranty. Access to all their support and training information is included in the cost.

Glowforge versus Epilog: Easy to Use

Laser cutters are designed to appeal to a broader audience than niche technical groups. Hobbyists and others enjoy using a Glowforge and Epilog laser engraver at their homes. They have developed a way to make operating these laser cutters as easy as possible.

The Epilog is very easy to use, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to cut and engrave with this machine. Below, we’ll discuss some of the support options, but the laser cutter is the easiest to use. It is easy to use the software and print dashboard.

If you want to learn more details about how to use a laser engraver? let’s check out our guide on our website.

The Glowforge is similar in ease of use. It is easy to use web-based cloud software. The updates are delivered via the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about downloading the latest version.

We’ll be discussing the support options for Glowforge further below, but there’s no difference between this and the Epilog if you are starting.

What Support Is Available for Epilog laser and Glowforge?

If you want to make the most of your laser cutter, you must have good support. Even if your laser cutter is well-trained, there are still things that can go wrong.

Glowforge offers a variety of support options. They can be reached via live chat, email, contact form, or direct email. They also have social media accounts.

You can find quick answers in the FAQ section. The Community support group has active members who can answer your questions and offer guidance. Forums provide tips and tricks, technical questions, and advice on making the most of your laser cutter.

Epilog offers a variety of support options. They can be reached by email or via live chat for sales. You can also submit an online ticket by phone, screen sharing support, or fax.

Access the complete manuals and documentation for their laser cutters online. They also offer a Knowledge Base along with their Facebook group. Epilog provides much support and helps options.

The Alternatives

Triumph Laser Marker & Engraver

Triumph Laser Marker & Engraver

Although the Triumph Laser Marker & Engraver may be larger than the Epilog laser cutter and Glowforge, it does a great job of engraving and cutting. The laser is a 30w (although a 50w version is available). It can cut and engrave in various materials but isn’t as powerful.

The laser has a 150x150mm working area and a life expectancy of 100,000 hours. This laser cutter comes with the software. It integrates with popular CAD programs and other design programs.

LightObject Falcon

LightObject Falcon

Another laser cutter you might consider is the LightObject Falcon. It’s in the same price range and features a 60w CO2 laser. Although the price will go up, you can upgrade to a 120w laser. You can also add other upgrades, such as a Rotary Attachment.

Raychem software is included with the LightObject Falcon. It’s easy to use, even for beginners. LightObject, another manufacturer of laser cutters that are high-quality and affordable, is also worth considering.

Glowforge Laser Cutter vs Epilog: FAQs

Glowforge vs Epilog FAQs

Can I Use These Laser Cutters Without Internet Access?

The Epilog Zing 16 Laser can be used offline, but the Glowforge Pro laser cutter requires an internet connection.

What Operating Systems Can I Use the Glowforge Pro on?

Glowforge Pro can be used on any platform because it uses a cloud-based, web-based app. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac systems, and smartphones and tablets.

What Operating Systems Can I Use the Epilog Zing 16 on?

The Epilog Zing 16 can be used on Windows. This device is compatible with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit XP or Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 10. The Job Manager software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Will My Laser Cutter Overheat?

Both laser cutters are equipped with cooling systems. While the Epilog uses fans and air cooling laser tubes to lower the temperature, the Glowforge uses a closed-loop cooling system. Overheating may occur if the laser cutter is being used for a long time. However, these cooling systems should ensure that the temperature is controlled.

Can I Cut Any Material With These Laser Cutters?

Both can easily cut soft materials like acrylic, leather, and certain woods, while engraving can be done on hard materials like glass and certain woods. The product information will provide information on the cutting capabilities of each cutter.

Do I Get a Warranty With These Laser Cutters?

Epilog laser cutter offers a 2-year warranty on their laser cutter, while Glowforge provides a 1-year warranty.


Both Glowforge and Epilog are excellent choices for a laser cutter, but in the end, Glowforge is the better option. Glowforge is much cheaper than Epilog and is often 50-60% less than Epilog.

Glowforge offers a broader range of accessories such as carts, cases, and other valuable things that Epilog does not have. Epilog has a much more comprehensive range of maintenance kits, and this means that you can buy replacement parts to maintain your machine longer. We hope that our comparison can help you know which you should choose.

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