Glowforge Pro Vs Plus vs Basic 2023: Which is The Best?

Glowforge Pro Vs Plus vs Basic 2023 Which is The Best

Glowforge is a 3D printing company that offers three different models of 3D printers: the Glowforge Pro, the Glowforge Plus, and the Glowforge Basic. The Pro is the most expensive model, but it also has the most features. The Glowforge Plus is the middle-priced model, and it has a few more features than the Basic model. Glowforge Pro Vs Plus vs Basic, Which Glowforge Model is Best? Byboe will let you know in this article.

Glowforge Basic

  • CO2 laser 40 watts
  • Fine for most creators and crafters.
  • Class 1 laser product.
  • 6-month warranty.

Glowforge Plus

  • 45-watt CO2 laser
  • 20% faster than the Basic Model
  • For better performance, upgrade your parts.
  • Class 1 laser product.
  • 1-year warranty

Glowforge Pro

  • 45-watt CO2 laser
  • 20% faster than the Basic Model
  • For better performance, upgrade your parts.
  • Cooling components upgraded

Glowforge Pro Vs Plus vs Basic Differences in the Glowforge Models

Glowforge Pro Vs. Plus vs Basic: Differences in the Glowforge Models

Glowforge’s three Laser Cutting Models are the first thing we see. The Plus comes with an extra 6-month warranty, although replacement parts can be expensive, and have faster engraving speeds than the basic Glowforge model.

The Pro is a significant upgrade with its passthrough slot and 45 Watt laser. It also has a cooling system that does not pause to cool down as the Basic.

The Basic Model has the exact engraving and cutting capabilities as the others. All three models are capable of cutting, scoring, and engraving all types of wood, including plywood and solid, acrylics, slate and ceramic tile, as well as stone.

All models can cut up to 0.25 inches thick, so spending less on the Basic is not a disadvantage. Both the Basic and have the same maximum bed size and cutting dimensions.

Glowforge says that the Plus has a better warranty and top engraving speed. The 2X rate for engraving is an essential advantage over the Basic, as it is the slowest laser function.

The Pro is the clear price leader in laser power, speed, cooling, and material capacity. Even though the Pro has a minor increase in powerful laser Tube Power (45 Watts instead of 40 Watts), it significantly changes speed.

The Pro’s enhanced cooling system allows it to produce projects continuously without stopping to be excellent, which is crucial for small businesses.

The Pro’s material capacity is also more significant than the Plus and Basic Models, thanks to the pass-through slot. The Pro can handle plywoods and veneers up to 20 inches wide and up to 8 feet in length with its in-feed and outside-feed tables.

The Pro cannot auto-feed material. However, Glowforge has done an excellent job of aligning the material with its onboard high-def cameras as it passes through.

What All Three Machines Have in Common

What All Three Machines Have in Common

These three machines share many commonalities, including:


All three machines measure 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″.

Work Area

There is only one difference between the Pro and the Pro Plus. The Pro has a maximum material depth of 18 inches.

It’s the same for everything else. The maximum width is 20 inches, the top cutting area is 19.5 inches wide and 11 inches deep, and the maximum material height is 2 feet.


The Glowforge app powers all three machines and is compatible with many file types.

Laser System

All three use a CO2 laser tube. The Pro can operate at 45w, while the Basic or Plus can only run at 40w. It’s not a huge difference, according to what I have read.


They all cut and engrave precisely the same materials!

Glowforge Pro Vs. Plus vs Basic, Which One Should I get?

Glowforge Pro Vs. Plus vs Basic, Which One Should I get

What Is Your Budget?

This should be your first question: What Glowforge model can you afford? They do offer to finance, but I would recommend that you purchase the Glowforge model that you can afford and justify the expense.

You can save as much money as possible if you want to go all-out.

What Are You Going to Use My Glowforge for?

Think about what you’ll be using the Glowforge for. The Basic is a good choice if you only use it occasionally and don’t do a lot of projects. Although the Plus comes with some extra features that might tempt you to buy it, they cost $1000 more and $750 less when you use our coupon code.

You might consider the Pro if you own a business or plan to start one where Glowforge is the main star. Although you can run a Glowforge-based business with either a Basic or Plus, and you could always upgrade later, a Pro would be an acceptable expense. Many people believe the Basic is the best option. Make sure to look at all the options and choose what you want.

How Much Room Do You Have?

You should not consider this as each machine has the exact dimensions. You will need to provide a large enough and stable area for the device to rest, which is pretty significant!

Will You Be Happy With the Features of the Machine You Are Looking at?

There is nothing worse than purchasing a new crafting machine only to realize that you need more features a few weeks, months, or even days later. Although I believe in spending less than you need, I also think in “Buying it right, purchasing it once.”

You should consider the possibility of needing the more luxurious Glowforge features if you are on the fence. While it might be more challenging to save for the long term, it is essential to consider the long-term.

The flip side is that you should look at the extra features on the Pro and decide if they are worth it.

Still unsure? If you are a frequent cutter and engraver or want to do endlessly long projects, then the Pro might be right for you.

Although the Plus offers a few more features than the Basic, it is worth spending $1000 extra ($750 if using our coupon code). They are for some people, but not for others.

Many people have success with the Basic. I am part of many Glowforge groups, and when it comes down to it, there are many happy Glowforge Basic owners.

No matter what product you choose, make sure to use our referral link. Get $125 off a Basic, $250 on a Glowforge PLUS, and $500 on a Glowforge Professional!

Glowforge Pro Versus Plus vs Basic: Conclusion

The Pro, Plus, and essential are three different types of 3D printers with unique features. The Pro is the most expensive option, but it can print in multiple colors and materials. The Plus is cheaper than the Pro, but it can only print in one color and material. The Glowforge Basic is the least expensive option, but it does not have any of the other two printers’ features. We hope that our comparison was helpful for you.


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