Best Glowforge Projects 2023: 25+ Cool Ideas for Sale

Best Glowforge Projects 2023 10+ Cool Ideas

Glowforge is a 3D printer that can print in various materials, including wood, plastic, and leather. It has a built-in scanner that can scan objects to be published and a camera that can take pictures of projects to be printed. Glowforge owners have used the printer to create a wide variety of projects, including furniture, jewelry, and toys. Keep reading this article; Byboe will show you the Best Glowforge Projects in 2023.

What is a Glowforge?

The Glowforge, a small laser cutting/engraving machine that can be used in your home, is ideal for those new to laser cutting.
The Glowforge is smaller than traditional laser cutters, which require large amounts of power and ventilation. However, unlike industrial-sized machines like the LaserCut Pro, it can be used in your spare bedroom or office.

You can use Glowforge by simply putting it in a file. The laser follows the cut path and adjusts the power according to whether the material is engraved or cut.

There are many models of the Glowforge laser cutter that offer different sizes and power options. The higher-end models are ideal for businesses that use Glowforge printers. They have larger capacities and more durable components.

How to Get Started Making Glowforge Projects

Glowforge cut files are designed in many programs, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP and Autodesk 360. After a file has been created, you can drag it to Glowforge’s dashboard from your computer.

Glowforge machine also can trace images and create new files.

Pre-made files are an excellent option for beginners or those who don’t have the time or desire to create their own. You can find tons of cut laser files on websites like Etsy and Thingiverse.

Best-selling Glowforge Projects 2023

Best-selling Glowforge Projects 2023

1. Keepsake boxes, a website that creates boxes in various styles for small and large items, is amazing. Even if the boxes are empty, they can be made beautiful. You can try it yourself to see what you can create!

These boxes can be made with a Glowforge laser cutter.

Easy to use: Laser cutting is more complex than box making. Glowforge laser cutter was designed with the consumer in view, which reduces the frustration that niche cutters can bring.

Detail options: The machine can produce professional-quality designs and high-quality prints. To interact with your materials in new ways, you can adjust the settings.

Countdown Calendars

2. Countdown Calendars

When you are a child, time is difficult to grasp, especially when something is exciting. It’s hard to understand why your favorite holiday isn’t happening now.

Countdown calendars can be an excellent way for impatient people to keep track of their time until an exciting event. Advent calendars are the classic model.

They have little doors with numbers that conceal treats and count down to Christmas. The Glowforge laser cutter allows you to turn any month into a reward by waiting.

Glowforge users have a great model to use for the holidays. User bdm1 chose a uniform design for his minimalist drawer set. You could have multiple uses for one basic design by creating a removable scene or arch at the top.

It is the good Glowforge Projects that You Can Make for Every Season.

This is how Glowforge does in this project.

Multiple layers can be cut: This allows you to create the same design for various people with minimal effort.
Glowforge’s top camera ensures that drawer alignment is precise. The creator created this design.

Customization: You have the option to customize the drawer to conceal any small treats. You can cut the same material sheet if you wish to keep the grain uniform and not have different drawer faces.

Rubber Stamps

3. Rubber Stamps

Stamps are a great way to personalize things. It’s satisfying to stamp “PAID” in large red blocks on a bill. You can also create your art using stamps and then sell it to bullet journal users and papercraft artists for a little extra cash.

However, it is becoming more difficult to find stamps and the ones you desire as more people use online correspondence. Glowforge laser cutter is an excellent solution.

Danielle Wethington, the maker, documented her attempts to make personalized wax seals for postage. This allowed her correspondents to have the same experience as hers without all the hassle.

Glowforge makes it easy to rubber-stamp

Guaranteed to work: The basic Glowforge 40w can cut rubber if it is sourced correctly

Delicate layer cutting is possible: You can cut through different layers of rubber to create intricate details like swirls and flowers.

Personalized Organizer

4. Personalized Organizer

What if you need to arrange things in a way that doesn’t follow the regular geometry?

Glowforge saves you (and your sanity) with plans for personal organizers. User jeffbowman shows a classic tackle box design that allows you to fold drawers for different objects.

The object was initially intended to be a prototype. However, it proved to be very useful as a five-tray, sturdy box made of Baltic Birch, hinged with Chicago screws.

This basic design can be easily modified to suit your storage needs. Glowforge’s forums offer various organization options, including drawer systems and utensil tray systems.

Use your Glowforge to create a personal storage solution.

Duplicate pieces: You don’t have to wait for repetitive work. Just cut multiple layers of the same music simultaneously.
Glowforge is easy to use for function checking.

Silicone Molds

5. Silicone Molds

We’ve said before that tools are only as good as the tools they make. Use the lines of a laser-cut item to create silicone molds like Made with Forge. These molds can be used to batch-copy an object in epoxy resin without tying up your Glowforge.

Glowforge is an excellent tool for this type of project.

Precise edges: Silicone can pick up any imperfections on the modeled object and replicate them for every copy. The laser can cut better than any other method. It uses light to separate the thing from its material and gives it a professional polish.

Multiple objects at once: Once the item is complete, you can stop cutting. You don’t have to use all of your large cutting areas. To keep the molding process moving, you can make multiple objects simultaneously.

Fancy Buttons

6. Fancy Buttons

Extra buttons can prolong the life of your favorite clothes for decades. If you’re anything like us, you might find it frustrating to keep them from the manufacturer until you need them.

Fortunately, Glowforge has your back. Many buttons can be made by the crafting community, from simple to complex. You can find the Glowforge discussion forum on sewing buttons to unleash your inner Tim Gunn.

Glowforge is an excellent tool for making sewing buttons.

You have endless options! Your Glowforge can be used to create and improve your creations!

It’s easy to stock up: You can print several applicable clothing fasteners at once with the Glowforge. This allows you to keep an ongoing supply of supplies on hand for large-batch projects or as a convenience. It also helps you avoid buying unnecessary items.

You can have different sizes at once: If you require more than one type at once, go ahead.

Best Glowforge Project Leather

7. Leather

Leather is still a symbol of wealth, style and quality, as it was one of the first materials humans learned to use. There are many ways to decorate leather.

You can use ink to inject just below the surface or deep embossed stamping. Lasering leather is a relatively new technique that can create unique patterns and cuts.

Lasered leather can also be used to make finished products, which will allow you to recover your investment in Glowforge. It is the best Glowforge Projects for Beginners and Experts.

Your Glowforge can help you improve your leatherworking skills:

Accuracy: Even in rough media like leather, the Glowforge can be set to achieve fine details.

Delicacy: The laser’s low power is enough to not just burn through your project like some industrial lasers.

Top Glowforge Project Name Signs

8. Name Signs

Etsy is a popular place to sell custom name signs. There are many free designs to suit various audience types, from nursery signs to door hangers and front door signs.

Glowforge project signs can be made by cutting the text from thin material and painting it. Then glue it to a solid wooden backing. This gives the character a striking relief look that pops in person. If you are looking for the Glowforge projects to make money, it is a great product.

Plant Markers

9. Plant Markers

Like the ones sold on Etsy by BearMadeCrafts, garden markers are a fun project and affordable items that you can add to your garden, gift, or sell at local gardening shops or online. Because they are small, you can make them quickly and maximize the use of your raw materials.

There are many different styles of garden markers that you can choose from. These garden markers are also great for starting your first design. It is seen as one of the good Glowforge project ideas

10. Hanging Planters

These puzzle-type Glowforge project ideas are one of the most incredible uses for your Glowforge. These pieces can be made from flat materials and then glued together to create 3-dimensional objects.

These hanging planters can be hung above windows to accommodate different plant sizes. They are also great for selling online because they can be shipped flat, which helps to keep shipping costs down. It is seen as one of the very best Glowforge projects to sell.

11. Personalized Pencils

Glowforge also offers a fun way to personalize everyday objects with engravings. Glowforge is capable of engraving objects up to 2 inches tall. It also has an autofocus height of 1/2 inch. This allows you to engrave items that aren’t flat, such as spice jars and flasks.

You can engrave pencils to make fun gifts for children or giveaways for business events. A cut file can be purchased to make a pencil holder. This will ensure that all pencils are perfectly aligned and steady. If you are looking for teacher gifts, it is for you.

12. Maps

These 3-D Glowforge map project ideas are stunning finished pieces. These maps can be customized by adding text and markers for wedding locations, birthplaces, and honeymoons.

This design uses cut pieces to create a 3-D effect that stands out when displayed.

13. Puzzles for kids

Combining Glowforge’s engraving and cutting settings can make a fun and unique project for children like this dinosaur puzzle. You can create puzzles such as this from any shape, number, or letter. It is one of the best wedding gifts.

14. Piggy Bank

These cut files for a piggy bank are unique Glowforge project ideas that will make a great addition to your child’s bedroom. You can personalize the look by using tinted acrylic and 1/8″ plywood.

15. Seasonal signs for your home

You can create your customized HOME signs using interchangeable tiles. This will ensure that the sign is relevant to all seasons. You should find the correct file for your design.

16. Panel Art

You can combine multiple panels to create a single piece of art, but don’t let Glowforge’s smaller dimensions limit your creativity. These files can be made with almost any design and create stunning wall art.

Table Lamps

17. Table Lamps

You can use your Glowforge for unique lamp designs. This project can be completed with a lamp kit, including the socket and cord. If you need something beautiful home decor projects, it is a good idea.

18. Clothes hangers

These clothes hanger tags will help you keep track of all your clothes. These tags are ideal for sorting clothes by size and keeping track of seasonal wardrobes. Boutique clothing shops love these tags because they make their products stand out from others. It is seen as one of the very popular ideas.

19. Keychains

These Glowforge project cut files are great for giving away or selling locally at gift shops. These keychains can be customized to fit the needs of local businesses and events.

20. Plant Stand

These tiny plant stand project ideas are designed to be assembled to form a 3-dimensional, standing piece that can hold small plant cuttings. You can also find other designs with giant footprints to have small pots.

21. Sold Key

Realtors love sharing photos with their clients of them holding their keys to their first house. These decorative keys are great gifts for homebuyers. The realtor can show off their sold photos by sharing them.

22. 3-D Animal Puzzles

Because they are lightweight and easy to pack, 3-D animal puzzles make great airplane or road trip activities for kids or adults. Etsy has dozens of animal designs to choose from, so pick one that looks like fun!

23. Layered animals

Like the ones above, this layered Octopus combines many cuts to create a 3-dimensional animal. It is ideal for kids’ rooms or offices. Once you feel more confident making your Glowforge projects cut files, these raised designs will open up new possibilities.

Pendant Lights

24. Pendant Lights

You can make pedant lights in many different shapes using the Glowforge, such as this pinecone-style light. You can easily add a pendant light kit for a meager price and be in business.

25. Door hangers for Teachers

Make a door hanger to show your appreciation for teachers. These designs are simple to cut and can be transformed into a beautiful sign with some paint.


Glowforge is an excellent tool for creating unique and exciting projects. The possibilities are endless, and the results are always impressive. Glowforge is the perfect tool for turning your Glowforge project ideas into reality. We hope that our ideas were helpful for you.

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