What is Angelique Kidjo Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Family, And More

What is Angelique Kidjo Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Family, And More

Angelique Kidjo is a renowned singer-songwriter and activist with an impressive net worth. Her popularity and talent ‍have brought her immense wealth, making her⁢ one of the richest‍ musicians in the world. Below is a quick ⁣overview of Angelique Kidjo net worth, along with​ other⁤ interesting facts about⁣ her life.

Quick Facts

Full⁢ Name Angelique​ Kidjo
Popular ⁣Name Angelique ⁤Kidjo
Gender Female
Birth Date July 14, 1960
Age 63
Parents Ahishakpon and Yvonne ⁣Kidjo
Siblings Isaac Kidjo
Birth⁢ Place Ouidah, Benin
Nationality Beninese
Ethnicity African
Education Cours Normal ⁤des ‍Jeunes Filles and Centre d’Etudes du Conservatoire Nationale de Region de Paris
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife/Spouse Jean Hebrail
Children Naima and Sydney
Dating No
Net Worth $5 million
Source of Wealth Music
Height 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
Weight 128 lbs (58 ⁣kg)

What is Angelique Kidjo Net Worth and ⁢Salary‍ in 2023?

What is Angelique Kidjo Net Worth and Salary

According to reports, Angelique Kidjo’s​ net worth is‍ estimated to be around $5 million as of 2023. Her wealth primarily ​comes from her ‍successful ⁣career in the music​ industry, where she has released ⁢numerous albums and performed in concerts ​worldwide.

Kidjo’s talent has allowed her to accumulate a significant fortune ​over the ⁣years,​ making her one ⁢of the wealthiest musicians in the ⁣world. Also check: Angelina Jordan net worth

Why is Angelique Kidjo Famous?

Angelique Kidjo gained fame and recognition for her ⁣unique musical style that blends ​various genres, including‍ Afropop, jazz, ⁣reggae,‍ and funk.⁣ Her powerful and soulful voice, ⁢combined⁢ with her energetic stage presence, has captivated ‍audiences worldwide.

Kidjo is known​ for promoting African culture⁤ through her music and advocating for ⁤social justice. Her influential contributions to the music industry have ​earned her numerous awards and accolades.

Biography‍ Overview

Angelique Kidjo Biography Overview

Early Life

Angelique Kidjo was born in Ouidah, Benin, in 1960. She grew up in a musical​ family,⁢ with her father ​being a musician and‍ her mother a⁤ choreographer. Kidjo’s early⁤ exposure to music influenced ⁣her⁤ passion for⁢ singing ⁣and performing. At a young age, she ⁣performed with her mother’s dance troupe and developed ​her skills as a vocalist.


After a political coup in 1983, Kidjo moved to Paris, France, where she studied jazz and performed with various local groups.

Career and Awards

Angelique Kidjo’s career took off in the ⁢1980s when she ​released‍ her first album,⁣ Pretty, ‍which⁣ gained critical acclaim. Kidjo has⁤ collaborated with prominent musicians ⁣like Carlos Santana, Peter Gabriel, and Alicia Keys. She ⁤has released numerous successful albums, including Oremi, Djin Djin, and Eve.

Kidjo’s talent and dedication⁤ to her craft have earned her several awards, including four Grammy Awards. ⁣She has⁢ also been recognized ⁢for her⁢ humanitarian ⁣work and activism, receiving‍ accolades⁤ such as ‍the ​Amnesty International Ambassador⁤ of Conscience⁤ Award.

In 2023, she added another feather to her cap by becoming one of the three recipients of the prestigious Polar Music Prize, joining the ranks of previous winners like Paul McCartney, Quincy Jones, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, and Max Martin.

Personal Life

Kidjo is married to Jean Hebrail, a French producer, composer, and bassist. She is also known for her outspoken criticism of the Western media’s portrayal of Africa.

Social ⁢Media Accounts

FAQs⁣ about Angelique Kidjo

FAQs about Angelique Kidjo

What is Angelique ​Kidjo’s nationality?

Angelique Kidjo is Beninese.

How tall is Angelique Kidjo?

Angelique ‍Kidjo is 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) tall.

What is Angelique⁣ Kidjo’s net worth? ⁣

Angelique Kidjo has⁢ a net worth​ of ⁢$5 million.


Angelique Kidjo’s net worth stands at⁢ an impressive ​$5 million, reflecting her success as a talented⁣ musician and activist. With her captivating voice and powerful performances,⁤ Kidjo has gained global recognition while promoting African culture and social justice. For more information about Angelique Kidjo, visit Byboe.

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