What is Angelina Jordan Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Height, Family, And More

What is Angelina Jordan Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Height, Family, And More

Angelina Jordan, well-known for her stunning voice and soulful renditions, has captivated ⁤audiences ⁣worldwide. ⁣From ​winning Norway’s Got Talent at the young ⁢age​ of ​eight to recently gaining international ​recognition with her appearances on America’s Got Talent: The Champions,⁤ she ⁤has become a sensation in ‍the music industry.

This article explores ‍Angelina Jordan net worth, her rise to fame, and provides ⁣an overview of ‍her life and achievements.

Quick Facts

Full Name Angelina Jordan Astar
Gender Female
Birth Date January 10, 2006
Age 17 years old
Parents Sara Astar (Mother), Gerry Christian Slättman (Father)
Siblings Juliette Slattman (Sister)
Birth Place Oslo, Norway
Nationality Norwegian
Education Oslo Waldorf School, Oslo School of Music and Performing Arts
Net Worth $3 Million
Source of Wealth Singing
Height 1.63m

What is⁣ Angelina Jordan Net Worth and Salary‍ in 2023?

What is Angelina Jordan Net Worth and Salary

According to resources,‍ Angelina ⁣Jordan⁢ has an ‍estimated net worth ‍of $3 million as of 2023. Her earnings primarily come from her successful music career, which includes album sales, concert ⁣tours, and online⁢ streaming platforms.

With her talent and growing popularity, it‍ is expected that her ⁤net worth will continue to⁢ rise‍ in the coming years. Also check: Angelica Maria net worth

Why is Angelina Jordan Famous?

Angelina Jordan’s ⁤fame can be attributed to her incredible vocal abilities and ​her ability​ to connect with ‍the ⁣audience through her performances deeply. ‍Her rendition of songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and I Put⁢ a ⁢Spell on You on talent⁤ shows has garnered millions of views on YouTube and has received ‍widespread acclaim.

Additionally, her participation in America’s‍ Got Talent: ⁤The Champions introduced ​her to a global audience, further cementing her fame. ‍Angelina’s unique musical style, maturity⁢ beyond⁤ her years, and captivating stage presence have solidified‍ her as a ​rising star in the music ‍industry.

Biography Overview

Angelina Jordan Biography Overview

Early Life

Angelina Jordan Astar, popularly known as Angelina Jordan, was born on January 10, 2006,⁢ in Oslo, Norway. ⁣From a young ⁤age, she loved⁢ music and singing, impressing her ⁣family ‍and friends with⁢ her natural talent.

Inspired‍ by ‍artists⁣ like Billie Holiday ⁣and Whitney ⁢Houston, Angelina developed a deep ⁣appreciation for jazz‍ and soul music, which would shape⁣ her musical style in the years to ‍come.


Jordan attended the Oslo Waldorf School and later joined the Oslo School of Music and Performing Arts’ after-school program, where she honed her musical skills.

Career and Awards

Angelina Jordan’s career took off when she won the 2014 season of Norway’s Got Talent at eight years old. Her‍ soulful rendition of​ classic⁤ jazz⁣ songs captured the hearts of the ​judges and audience, propelling her to⁤ national stardom. Since then,⁣ she⁤ has ⁢released several successful ‍singles and albums, including ⁤Shield and⁢ It’s Magic.

In 2020, Angelina gained international recognition⁤ by participating in ⁣America’s‍ Got Talent: The⁢ Champions, where she showcased her unique talent to a​ global audience. ‍Despite not winning the competition, she⁤ left a⁤ lasting impression on the judges and ‍viewers, earning praise for her emotionally charged⁤ performances.

⁣Angelina Jordan has​ been honored⁢ with numerous ​awards throughout her career, including the ​Idyll⁤ Prize for Best Performance in ​2014 and the ⁣Fritt Ord Award for Outstanding Cultural Contributions in ‍2020. Her ability to evoke powerful emotions through her voice and interpretation of songs‍ has garnered critical acclaim​ and a ‍ dedicated fan base.

Despite impressing the judges on America’s Got Talent: The Champions season 2, Jordan did not receive enough votes to advance to the Top 5, finishing in the bottom half of the Top 10 performers.

However, she continued to make strides in her career, performing the 2022 FIFA anthem We Are the Best in February 2023 alongside Moroccan-Swedish record producer Red One.

Personal Life

Angelina ‍Jordan is known for her ⁤down-to-earth ⁣and⁢ humble personality. ⁢Despite her​ young age, she ⁢possesses⁤ remarkable maturity and a ​deep⁢ understanding of the emotions conveyed in her songs. She ⁣continues to pursue her⁣ passion for ‍music, continuously⁢ honing her skills and ‍finding new ways to ⁢express her artistry.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Angelina Jordan

FAQs about Angelina Jordan

What is ⁣Angelina⁣ Jordan’s nationality?

Angelina Jordan is Norwegian.

What is Angelina Jordan’s‍ ethnic background?

Angelina has ‍a mixed ethnicity of Norwegian and Persian.

What is Angelina Jordan’s ⁣source⁢ of wealth?

Angelina ⁢Jordan’s primary ⁣source ​of‍ wealth is her music⁢ and performances.


Angelina Jordan’s​ net worth reflects her rising success in the⁢ music industry. From her early ‍triumph on ​Norway’s Got Talent to​ her global recognition on⁤ America’s Got Talent: The Champions, she​ has solidified her position as a talented and in-demand‍ artist. For more information about Angelina Jordan, visit Byboe.

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