The Most Popular Types Of Earring Backs in 2023

The Most Popular Types Of Earring Backs in 2023

There are many different types of earring backs, and each one has its purpose. Some earring backs are designed to keep the earrings in place, while others are meant to keep the earrings from falling out. There are also earring backs intended to make the earrings more comfortable to wear. And here is the Most Popular Types Of Earring Backs in 2023

The Most Popular Types Of Earring Back in 2023

The Most Popular Types Of Earring Backs in 2023

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1. Clip-on earrings

The most popular earrings are clip-on earrings, and they’re the best option if your ears aren’t pierced ears. Clip-on earrings feature clip-on earring backings. These are the little hinges that attach to the clips. They grab onto your earlobes and keep the earring backs in place.

Clip-on earrings backs are great for those who love earrings. You have most likely seen cute clip-on earrings you end up wearing even with your pierced ears. These earring backs can pull on your ears and are heavy. The earrings can also be very painful.

These clip-on earrings are also trendy because they stay put no matter how many times you move. This type of earring backing is considered the most secure, even compared to traditional ones. You won’t have to worry about your earrings falling out or being lost.

These clip-on earrings backs are easy to put together. The front of the earrings can be removed by simply removing the clip that holds the earlobe.


  • Clip earrings backs and earrings stay put when worn.
  • If you are a fan of earrings but haven’t had them pierced ears, these backs and earrings will suit you.
  • They are very secure and will always be there


  • They are heavy-duty.
  • These earring backs are not of the highest quality and don’t last very long as they are costume jewelry.
  • Your ears may be a little bit hurt by the earring backs.

2. Lever Backs

Lever backs Drop Earrings look similar to the other clasps and latches listed above. These will include a hinged post and a metal catch.

There are many types of net. To ensure that the earring stays on its own, the hatches at the back of the levers often have a spring and a handle.

This Drop Earrings of earring is very similar to a regular loop. However, there is a tiny hole at the end. Drop Earrings is where the earring is attached, along with the gem. This is also where the loop will be attached.


  • It is simple to use
  • You can keep the earring in your ear.


  • It takes some time to get used to the clothes.
  • It may be too tight around the ear.
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3. French Clips

French Clips are available in various styles that will work for both pierced and unpierced ears. The clasp allows you to grip your earlobe.

It can also be used with any type of gemstone earring. This will enable you to keep the earring in place and prevent falling out.

There are many types of French clips. Some French clips will come with a small screw to attach the back. This earring will have a post at the top and a clasp that can be moved through the hole when closed.

French Clips are comfortable and can be used for any type of ear. You can choose from various sizes to find the one that best fits your ears. They are easy to use and can be used without in most cases.


  • The earring is attached to it to prevent the back from falling out.
  • They are comfortable and easy to wear
  • The clip is attached to a hinge to grab onto the earlobes and hold the earring in its place.


  • The clip might not be large enough, depending on your ears. This can lead to pain when pinching.

4. Jumbo Backs

The jumbo earring backs may be the best choice for some. They’re easy to fit in and won’t be lost as easily. These large backs will appear like a disc.

When you put them on, they will flatten your earlobes and help ensure that the earring is more comfortable to wear.

Jumbo earring backs can enhance the look of your earring and are more comfortable than other options. You can match them with any earring by choosing from various colors and shapes.

The jumbo earring backs are a great choice if you want something comfortable and well-fitting. They are also more challenging to lose and are more likely to stay put when you take your earrings outside. These earrings are made of plastic, but they can be used with any earring.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • You can use it with any earrings that you like.
  • You can make the earring fit against your ear better.
  • It is easier to locate if it gets dropped because it is more extensive.


  • They can be huge and show their ears from behind.
  • They don’t work with all earrings.
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5. French Wires

Almost all earrings have fish hooks on the backs. These earring backs look like fish hooks and are often paired with heavy earrings, particularly teardrop-shaped earrings. These earrings will stay in place due to the weight of the earrings and the design with the fish hooks.

These earring backs have a curved wire hook that seamlessly fits the ear.

It doesn’t have any backing, and it isn’t necessary. Sometimes, however, it’s just large enough to stay put. You can remove the fish hook by gently sliding it off your ear.


  • The earrings will remain in place so long as the fish hook has a long wire.
  • Fish hooks are simple to attach and to keep in place.
  • Earring backs with fish hooks can hold heavier earrings easily
  • For the most stunning jewelry, fish hook earring backs can be used.


  • You could quickly lose your earrings if there is no back.
  • Regular earrings tend to be heavier than traditional earrings, so the earring backs may not be the best choice if your ears are more minor.

6. Ball backs

These earring backs can be fun to wear and even part of the design.

These backs can be worn with various types of earrings backs.

These are often worn with unusual earrings like cartilage earrings. However, they can also be used on regular earrings.

How to remove these earring backs

If they are screw-type, slide them off or unscrew them.


  • These earring backs have a unique design
  • They look great from behind
  • They can be used in many different ways
  • Wear your earrings carefully
  • They are secured by their screw-back design


  • These ball-backs are often very difficult to find.
  • They don’t work well with traditional earring designs.
  • Not the most comfortable backs
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7. Earring backs in butterfly, push back, post back, or friction earring backs

These are the most popular earring back designs and are also the most widely used. These are the most popular earring backs.

These are the most common options for basic stud earrings or dangle earrings. They are called push back or butterfly earring backs and are named after the shape of the butterflies they resemble.

They are made from thin wire and have a small hole in the middle that runs through the post. The push back is designed to be snug and secure so that earrings stay put. If the backs are too loose, you may lose your earrings.

The types of stud earring backs are one of the best types to try.


  • There are many options and designs available
  • It’s easy to find
  • They can be worn with all types of earrings.
  • They fit comfortably in the backs


  • These backs may not be the best option.
  • It’s easy to lose

8. Screw backs

Screw backs are another type of earring back you might like. The screw-back looks similar to pushback and is used for most classes. However, they are more expensive as they work well and hold the earrings securely.

Screw-back earrings have winding grooves that run along with the posts. You can also see the twist screw backs that easily slide on and off. You won’t have to worry about your earrings falling out or becoming loose because the screw backs are tight.

These earring backs can be removed by unscrewing the screw backs.


  • They work well with all types of earrings
  • They are very comfortable
  • These earrings offer a high level of security
  • Securer than pushback earring backs
  • They can be worn with many types of earrings


  • There are safer and better options available
  • It’s not the easiest thing to put on and take off
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9. Snap Backs and Latch Backs, Click-Tops, Hinge with notched postbacks.

This might be the right option for you if you’re looking for earrings posts to hang dangling earrings.

The latch-backs keep the dangling earrings securely in place while also ensuring that the earrings fit very well. You can easily remove the post by simply opening the latch.

These earrings will fit perfectly into the curved wire hook on the earring back. The latch backs loop easily around the first location you use it.

You can find the circular-shaped latch backs in the form of a pin and the latch backs on the opposite side. This makes it very easy to remove and wear the earring backs.


  • It is easy to attach the latch, and it is simple to take off and put on.
  • It is comfortable
  • It looks excellent with hoops or dangling earrings
  • Simple earring hook design
  • This elegant design looks great with more oversized earrings.


  • This might not be the best option.

10. Saddleback

Although they are similar to some of the other options, there are some differences. The earring will come with a hinged post, as well as a metal catch. This will give you a bit more security.

These earring covers are great for types of hoop earring backs. These earring backs provide extra protection and will help keep the earring in its place better than other types.


  • Give your earring more security.
  • Wear hoop earrings with confidence
  • They are easy to install


  • Hoop earrings work best.
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11. Plastic Backs

You can get backs for earrings in both silicon and plastic. The best part about plastic backs is that they are inexpensive.

This makes it easy for you to buy a lot and not worry about them getting lost. You can also pick the one that best fits your earring.

Most of the time, a basic plastic earring will be returned. It will have a hole in its middle. The earring can be held in place by the spot, but it is flexible enough to allow movement. Although they aren’t the most durable, these are easy to use and don’t cost much.

It is up to you what your taste is. These earring backs aren’t exceptional, but they do the job well and are affordable. It might be worthwhile to have a few.


  • It’s cheerful and affordable.
  • They fit tighter so they won’t slip easily.


  • Too tight to wear the post?
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12. Chrysmela

These locking earring backs are lauded as the most secure and have a patented material to help them do it. The back of your earring will attach to your post by three miniature bearings.

To open a Chrysmela, you need to pull on the endplate. This will allow the lock to come out. They are available in a variety of sizes to fit most posts. You can take them off when you’re ready, and they won’t move.


  • They offer the highest level of security.
  • They can be used for any type of earring post.
  • They are durable.


  • These are a little more expensive than other options.

13. LOX

LOX earring backs were designed by an engineer whose wife had trouble keeping track. This earring back works by simply sliding the LOX earring back onto your earring post.

You can then stop it at the most comfortable place for you. Once the back is secured to the base, it will stay in place. Even with pressure, the back will not move at all.

To remove the backs, grab onto the metal and the levers. Then squeeze a little. This will help to loosen the hold of the post and allow the back to come off your earring.


  • It is straightforward to use
  • You can wear many types of earrings, no matter what kind you choose.
  • They are secure and won’t fall off.


  • They can leave a small mark on the earring.

14. Kidney wires

Although they may be more expensive than other options, kidney wires can also be used for custom earrings. The partial loop will seal the earring entirely to not slip out of the ear.

Its name comes from the fact that it looks like a kidney. They can be used for fancy jewelry and dangle earrings but no stud earrings.

Because it is more uncomfortable and challenging to wear, this earring back may not be as popular as the others. However, it does help to keep the earring in place.


  • Keep the earring in its place.
  • You will love the more extended, dangling earrings.


  • They won’t work with diamond studs.
  • It is a bit more challenging to place the earring.

Most Secure Earring Backs

Your earrings are valuable, so you want them to be secure. There are many options for earring backs that can prevent you from losing one or both of your earrings.

Most Secure Earring Backs

Bullet backs and friction backs are also standard. They can lose their friction over time and not grip the post. La poussette backs are the most flexible and secure locking mechanism, but they can be more expensive and rare. Screw-backs can be used with earring post that does not have threads but is safe.

Although the lever back is supportive, comfortable, and simple to use, it can’t be added to any other earring. We offer a large selection of earrings with lever backs, so it’s easy to keep track of individual backs. Our unique earrings feature very secure Omega backs.

We have compiled some guides about how to clean earrings or how to make them, let’s check out our guide right now: 

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Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

Earrings can enhance your natural beauty. There are many styles of earrings to suit every face shape.

  • Round: Dangly, long earrings can lengthen round faces. Oval or oblong hoop earrings are better than circular ones.
  • Oval: Oval faces go well with almost every type of earring. Avoid earrings that are the same shape as your face, especially if you have round faces.
  • Heart: Longer earrings that are heavier towards the end add dimension to the narrowed chin of a heart-shaped person’s face. Hoop earrings with large hoop earrings can also increase the width of your chin.
  • Square earrings: These round earrings are best paired with angular features.

How to Wear Mismatched Earrings

How to Wear Mismatched Earrings

Even though we try our best to keep earrings in place, there may be a day when one of our most treasured earrings is lost.

Even if one earring is lost, it doesn’t mean that the other can’t be used. You may not find the perfect pair of earrings.

There are many asymmetry options in our earring collection. These are some tips to make mismatched earrings look good.

You can play with asymmetry. Be bold but strategic in your approach. You shouldn’t be afraid of changing the shape and length of your stud earrings and expanding your color palette. You might overlook your efforts if you are too cautious about trying two slightly different stud earrings.

Harmonize your colors. Be sure to keep your color palette balanced. You might find a color wheel helpful. You may try complementary colors from the opposite side of the wheel or analog colors side-by-side.

Make your jewelry simpler. Mismatched jewelry can add a lot of emphasis to the earrings. Pairing them with bold jewelry is not a good idea.

Mix metals. You can have silver and gold earrings together. Use one metal as your base, and accent it with another metal.
Layer it all. You can mix and match single hoops and stud earrings. You can save your multiple piercings by using single studs or huggie hoops. Simple earrings are a great way to add some sparkle wherever you want.

Types Of Earring Backs: Conclusion

There are many different types of earring backs available on the market. Some of the more popular styles include the fishhook earring back, the clutch earring back, and the types of post earring backs. It is essential to consider the type of earring back that you will choose and your personal preferences. We hope that our article can help you know which is suitable for you.

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