What is Paul Oakenfold Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Paul Oakenfold Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Paul Oakenfold is a name that resonates with the global music scene who is an English record producer and trance DJ who has significantly influenced the world of electronic dance music. With a career spanning over three decades, his contributions to the music industry are unparalleled.

This article delves into the life, career and Paul Oakenfold net worth of this iconic figure. Let’s start with Byboe!

Quick Facts

Information Details
Full Name Paul Mark Oakenfold
Popular Name Paul Oakenfold
Gender Male
Birth Date August 30, 1963
Age 60
Parents Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Birth Place Greenhithe, Kent, England
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Education Archbishop Lanfranc School
Marital Status Not Available
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife/Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Dating Not Available
Net Worth $50 million
Monthly Income and Salary Not Available
Yearly Income and Salary Not Available
Source of Wealth Music Production, DJ
Height 1.78 ⁢m
Weight Not Available

What is Paul Oakenfold Net Worth and Salary in ⁣2023?

What is Paul_ Oakenfold's Net Worth and Salary in _2023

According to reports, Paul​ Oakenfold’s net ​worth is estimated to be $50 million as of 2023. A large ⁢portion of⁣ his wealth mainly comes from⁢ his ​career as a record producer and Disc Jockey (DJ). Due to the ​secretive nature of the entertainment industry, Oakenfold’s⁤ annual salary and monthly earnings have ​been kept under wraps.

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Why ‌is Paul Oakenfold Famous?

Paul Oakenfold ​gained immense popularity for his skills in ⁤disc jockeying and record producing.​ His remixes of popular⁢ songs and unique sound that blends‍ electronic music with other genres has garnered him global recognition. His work​ in film scores and being a two-time Grammy award nominee has also attributed ⁣to his fame.

He has been voted the No. 1 DJ in the World twice by DJ Magazine and has provided over 100 remixes for various artists, including U2, Madonna and Britney Spears.

Paul⁤ Oakenfold Biography Overview

Paul_ Oakenfold Biography Overview

Early ​Life

Paul Oakenfold was born on ‍the 30th ‍of August, 1963, in the town of Greenhithe, Kent, England. ⁤His ⁢parents were both into music, undoubtedly influencing his later passion. Detailed‌ information regarding their identity has not been ⁤disclosed⁢ to the public.


Oakenfold’s educational journey took him to Archbishop Lanfranc School. After completing his schooling, he pursued a culinary career, studying to be a chef for four years.

Career ⁤and Awards

He has made significant contributions to the music industry, providing over 100 remixes for more than 100 artists, including U2, Moby, Massive Attack, the Cure, New Order, the Rolling Stones, the Stone Roses, and Michael Jackson. His musical career began in the late 1970s when he started helping Trevor Fung DJ soul music in a Covent Garden wine bar.

Throughout his career, Oakenfold has remixed a variety of songs from Madonna, like What It Feels Like for a Girl, Hollywood, American Life, Sorry and later in 2008 Give It 2 Me from her album Hard Candy. He went on tour with Madonna for two months opening her presentation in the Confessions Tour. He also co-wrote a song for Cher’s twenty-fifth studio album Closer to the Truth: Woman’s World. His album Shine On is set to be released in 2022.

His work in movies, ​composing scores for several ​films, ‌including The Bourne Identity and Matrix Reloaded, significantly boosted ⁢his career.


Oakenfold’s groundbreaking Perfecto record label, founded in 1988, played an integral role in the birth of trance music. He produced massive international hits such as Not Over Yet, Bullet In The Gun and Southern Sun. Oakenfold was voted the No. 1 DJ in the World twice in 1998 and 1999 by DJ Magazine. He has won the Best Trance DJ Award two times and received eleven nominations.

He was nominated for⁢ the Grammy‍ award two times, and in 2019, he was given a spot on the Dance Music Hall of Fame.

Recent News about Oakenfold

As of 2023, Oakenfold is currently touring across one country and has one upcoming concert. The final concert of the tour will be at Queen Mary in Long Beach. However, his reputation has been marred by a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former assistant, who alleges that Oakenfold exposed himself and masturbated in front of her.

Personal Life

Oakenfold was previously married to Angela Oakenfold and the couple has a child together. However, the couple is now divorced.

Social​ Media Accounts

Paul Oakenfold has ‌a vast‍ and widespread ​social media presence. His ⁤Instagram account boasts⁤ over 100k followers, while on Twitter, he has accumulated⁢ more ‍than 300k⁤ followers. His YouTube channel has over 70k subscribers, however, his LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts info is not publicly available.

FAQs about Paul Oakenfold

FAQs about Paul Oakenfold

What is Paul Oakenfold’s most famous song?

One of his most iconic tracks is Southern Sun, which gained widespread acclaim for its mesmerizing beats and captivating melodies.

Has Paul Oakenfold won any awards?

Yes, Paul Oakenfold has earned several awards and accolades throughout his career. Notably, he received Grammy nominations for his outstanding contributions to the music industry.

How did Paul Oakenfold influence the EDM scene?

Paul Oakenfold played a pivotal role in shaping the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. He introduced innovative remixing techniques and curated sets that blended diverse genres, helping to popularize EDM on a global scale.

What is Paul Oakenfold’s connection to Ibiza?

His connection to Ibiza is significant. He traveled to the island in the early days of the dance culture, experiencing the vibrant scene and absorbing its energy. He later brought the Ibiza-inspired sounds and culture back to the UK, contributing to the evolution of electronic music.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Paul Oakenfold​ has‌ carved out quite the successful and impressive career in the music industry. His⁣ remarkable talent⁢ and hard work have accumulated a net worth reflecting his ⁤true stature in electronic‌ music.

After decades in the‍ industry, he undoubtedly remains one of dance music’s most influential figures. Keep grooving to those ace beats!

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