What Is Levi Roots Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family

What Is Levi Roots Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family

Join us as we delve⁢ into the‍ inspiring story of Levi Roots,⁢ the ⁢charismatic and ‌entrepreneurial British-Jamaican⁣ reggae musician, television personality‌ and chef, best known for‍ his Reggae Reggae​ Sauce.

In this‍ article, Byboe will enlighten you about how ⁤his unique⁢ combination of talent and⁢ business⁢ acumen has led to remarkable​ Levi Roots net worth. Get ready to feel‍ inspired by his ​journey‌ of success! ​

Quick Facts

Full​ Name Keith Valentine Graham Bilal Musa
Net Worth $45 million
Salary Not Publicly⁣ Disclosed
Monthly ​Income Not Publicly Disclosed
Gender Male
Birth Date June 24, ​1958
Age 65
Parents Unknown
Birth‍ Place Clarendon, Jamaica
Nationality Jamaican, British
Education Unknown
Marital ‍Status Married
Wife/Spouse Not‍ Publicly Disclosed
Children 8
Dating NA
Profession Singer, Celebrity Chef, Businessman
Height 6ft 3 ⁣inches
Weight 75 ⁢kg

What is Levi Roots Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Levi Roots Net Worth and Salary in 2023

According to reports, Levi⁤ Roots has⁣ an estimated ‌net ⁣worth of $45 million as of 2023, founded primarily through‍ his⁢ creation ⁤and‌ successful‌ marketing of the spicy Reggae Reggae Sauce. It makes him become one of the richest chefs in the world.

Further, he has also gathered wealth from ⁣his ⁤music career, TV‍ appearances, and sales from his cookbooks.

While his ⁤salary ​is not publicly disclosed,⁤ it is clear that Levi Roots’s ​various business and music ​endeavors​ have​ generated a significant fortune. Also, check Ina Garten Net Worth.

Why is Levi Roots Famous?

Why Is Levi Roots Famous

Levi Roots is a British-Jamaican businessman, ‍musician, television personality, and celebrity chef who rose to​ fame⁣ in the UK ⁤as ⁢the man ⁤behind⁢ the Reggae⁣ Reggae⁤ Sauce.

His ‍fortunes shifted radically⁣ when he took his homemade ‌jerk barbeque sauce​ to⁤ the hit BBC show⁣ Dragons’ Den, and‌ successfully‌ secured investment.

Roots is not only⁤ known for his sauce, but he also made ​a name​ for himself as⁢ a ​television⁤ presenter, celebrity chef, author, and singer.

His ‍eclectic lifestyle and charismatic ‍personality have placed ​him at the forefront​ of British pop culture. Also, check José Andrés Net Worth.

Levi Roots Biography ⁣Overview

Early Life

Levi Roots, born​ Keith Valentine Graham Bilal Musa⁢ on 24th June 1958, grew up in Clarendon, Jamaica.

He lived with his grandparents alongside his seven siblings in ​Jamaica till​ the age ⁣of eleven before moving to England ⁢to live with his parents.

Despite ⁣facing the difficulties of adjusting to⁣ a new ⁣country, he ⁤nurtured a love‌ for music and cooking from ⁤his earliest years.


The details about Levi Roots’s formal education are not well documented, yet it ⁢is ⁣public ⁣knowledge that he honed his culinary skills under ‌the tutelage of his grandmother in​ Jamaica and later developed his business acumen in the UK.

Career and ‌Awards

Levi Roots Biography Overview

Roots’ culinary prowess came into the limelight in 2007 when he appeared on the BBC show Dragons’ Den.

He presented his Reggae Reggae Sauce, a jerk barbecue sauce that he claimed was a family recipe passed down by his grandmother.

It not only won him a £50,000 investment but also became a staple in British supermarkets, even outselling renowned brands like Heinz.

Following his success on Dragons’ Den, Roots expanded his culinary empire. He opened his first London restaurant, the Papine Jerk Centre, in Battersea, Clapham Junction from 2010-2012.

His children worked alongside him in the restaurant, which provided lunchtime service to a local school, Thames Christian College.

In December 2015, Roots opened his first franchise restaurant in Westfield Stratford City, although it closed in 2019.

He has published six cookbooks, including the Reggae Reggae Cookbook in 2008, which features an introduction to Caribbean ingredients and shares Roots’ story of coming to London.

He also had a television cooking show, Caribbean Food Made Easy on BBC2, where he demonstrated easy ways to cook Caribbean food at home.

His unique sauce has ⁣won several awards‌ including Best New Product at ​the Excellence‌ in Food and Drink Awards.

Personal Life

Roots has eight children with seven different mothers. He has previously been imprisoned for drug offenses. Roots was appointed Chair of St Pauls Carnival in Bristol in 2021.

Despite his wealth and fame, Roots remains committed to inspiring others.

In 2013, he launched his School of Life Tour, taking his message to children all over the country and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

Social Media Accounts

Levi Roots is quite active on ⁤social​ media. His official Instagram ⁣has 12.3k followers‌ (as of​ 2023) ⁣while his Twitter account ​@levirootsmusic boasts 30k followers.⁢

He also ⁤has‍ a YouTube channel titled‍ Levi Roots where he posts cooking videos.

FAQs⁣ about Levi Roots

What‌ is Levi Roots’s ‍real name?

Keith Valentine⁢ Graham ⁣Bilal Musa

What⁤ nationality is Levi Roots?⁣

Levi Roots has dual nationality, he’s Jamaican and British.

Is ​Levi Roots married? ⁤

Yes, he ‍is married but the ‍identity of his wife is not publicly‌ known.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, Levi Roots stands⁤ as a ⁤testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship.

From his ​humble beginnings ‍to his ⁣current ‍status as a multi-millionaire ‌gastronomy ⁣mogul, he’s‌ proof that dedication,‌ passion, and a sprinkle⁣ of ‍creative spices ⁤can ‌cook up a fortune.⁣

Stay tuned for​ more inspiring stories like ⁣Levi’s. We’re always ⁤serving ⁢up ​fresh, engaging content on the world’s⁤ most successful entrepreneurs.

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