What is John Digweed Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is John Digweed Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Welcome ⁣to a fascinating exploration of the net worth​ of acclaimed British DJ, ​John Digweed. ⁤From spinning​ records in ⁤clubs to mixing tracks in studios, Digweed’s musical prowess has helped him accumulate substantial wealth over his career. Curious to find out just‌ how⁤ lucrative the turntables can ‍be?

This article of Byboe delves into John Digweed net worth, career and more. Let’s start!

Quick Facts

Information Details
Full Name Thomas John Digweed
Popular Name John Digweed
Gender Male
Birth Date January 1, 1967
Age 56
Parents Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Birth Place Hastings, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Education Not Available
Marital Status Unknown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife/Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Dating Not Available
Net Worth $48 Million (2023)
Monthly Income and Salary Not Available
Yearly Income and Salary Not Available
Source of Wealth DJing, Record Producing
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight Not Available

What is John Digweed Net Worth and Salary in⁢ 2023?

What is John Digweed's Net_ Worth and Salary in_ 2023

According to reports,⁣ John Digweed net worth is approximately $48 million as of 2023. However, his exact salary ⁢and monthly ‍income are not known to the public as these financial⁣ details are often kept private. ​His‍ main sources of income have been⁣ from his long-standing career as a DJ, his ‌record ​sales and live performances.

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Why is John Digweed Famous?

John Digweed ⁢gained fame ​for ⁤his contribution to⁤ the electronic music scene. He’s best known⁤ for his innovative DJ mix compilations and⁢ as one half of the ⁤iconic duo Sasha & Digweed.

The duo’s ‍performances have electrified audiences⁣ worldwide and quietly impacted the landscape of electronic ​music. Besides, his record label, Bedrock​ Records, has also gained critical acclaim in the industry.

Biography Overview

Biography Overview (61)

Early Life

Born on January 1, 1967, in Hastings, a seaside town in East Sussex, England. John Digweed began DJ at the age of 15. He made a name for himself in his hometown, where he put on successful club nights, including raves on Hastings Pier.. ​Although ⁤not much is⁢ known ​about ‌his ‍parents or family, it is evident that his passion‌ for music developed early on.


Details ⁤about John Digweed’s ⁣formal ‌education are scarce. However,⁢ although the⁢ formal education ⁢might be unknown,⁣ Digweed’s real‌ education has ⁣come through his lifelong dedication to music and ⁢his constant​ quest to innovate as a DJ and producer.


His breakthrough came in 1993 when he sent a mixtape demo to Geoff Oakes, founder of the Renaissance nightclub. This led to a long-term friendship and working relationship with fellow DJ Alexander Coe, also known as Sasha. Together, they toured internationally and produced a series of mix albums.

In addition to his solo success, he has collaborated with several artists. He partnered with Sasha to form Sasha & John Digweed, and with Nick Muir to form Bedrock.

They’ve released several mix ⁢compilations, including⁢ the critically acclaimed ⁣Renaissance: ​The Mix Collection and the Northern Exposure series. The Global Underground ⁤series​ solidified their place in ⁤electronic‌ music history.

Digweed then started the record label Bedrock Records to further promote the music he was playing. He and Nick Muir produced under the Bedrock alias, gaining recognition when their first track For What You Dream Of was used in the film Trainspotting.

Awards and Accolades

Over the years, Digweed has received numerous awards and accolades. He was voted the World No. 1 DJ by DJ Magazine in 2001. He has consistently featured among the top ten artists from 1998–2008. In 2010, he was voted number 29 in DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs vote.

In 2013, Digweed was ranked the number 17 best DJ in the world in Resident Advisor’s top 100 DJ charts. As of 2023, he has won several awards, including the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll, in which he was ranked in for many consecutive years.

Recent News

In recent news, Digweed continues to make waves in the music industry. In February 2023, he followed up on Island Hill’s stunning album ‘Strangers In Paradise’ with a remix of ‘1000’, in collaboration with long-term partner Nick Muir.

Personal Life

John Digweed ⁢is a relatively private person. While he ⁣is known ‍to be ⁢married, and possibly‍ has children, ⁣he has kept their‍ identities‌ away​ from the‌ spotlight to protect their privacy.

‍Social Media Accounts

John‌ Digweed ‌has an active‌ presence on various⁢ social‍ media platforms where he connects⁢ with his fans and shares ⁢updates, including:

Instagram: 120K followers
– ⁣Twitter: 200K followers
– Youtube: Unknown
– Linkedin: Unknown
– Pinterest: Unknown

​FAQs​ about⁤ John Digweed⁢

FAQs_ about_ John Digweed_

Who is John Digweed?

John Digweed is a renowned British DJ, record producer, and actor best known for his pioneering work in the progressive house music genre.

How did John Digweed start his career in music?

John started his DJing career in the late 1980s and by the 1990s, he had established himself as a prominent figure in the UK club scene.

Has John Digweed collaborated with other artists?

Yes, John Digweed is especially known for his collaborative work with fellow DJ Sasha. The duo has released several mix albums together, including the iconic Renaissance mix.

Does John Digweed have his own record label?

Yes, John Digweed founded Bedrock Records, which not only releases his music but also supports other artists in the electronic music genre.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, ⁣John Digweed’s impressive net ⁢worth certainly reflects‍ the dedication⁤ and passion he has put ‌into his career over the years. He offers inspiration for ⁣aspiring DJs,‍ proving that ‍with talent ​and determination, considerable success ​in the electronic⁤ music industry​ is achievable. Keep grooving to the ​beats and⁢ stay tuned​ for more updates on your favourite artists!

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