What is Jiro Ono Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family

What is Jiro Ono Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family

Jiro ‌Ono, a culinary​ icon in the ‍world of sushi, has ⁢amassed⁤ considerable wealth⁤ throughout his illustrious career.

Renowned for his ⁣masterful skills and unmatched dedication to his craft,⁢ Jiro Ono net worth reflects the immense success and popularity he has garnered over the years.

In this article, Byboe ‍delves into his achievements, providing valuable insights into his wealth and the factors contributing‍ to his prosperity.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Jiro Ono
Popular Name Jiro ​Ono
Gender Male
Birth ‌Date October⁢ 27, ‍1925
Age 97 years ⁤old
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Birth​ Place Tenryū, Shizuoka, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Ethnicity Japanese
Education Unknown
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Wife/Spouse Unknown
Children Yoshikazu and Takashi Ono
Dating Not Applicable
Net Worth Estimated $9 million
Source of Wealth Restaurant business
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

What is Jiro Ono Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Jiro Ono Net Worth and Salary in 2023

In 2023, ⁢Jiro Ono, the renowned Japanese chef, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $9 million, according to reliable sources. His primary source of wealth is his‌ successful restaurant business.

There is no information available on Jiro Ono’s salary as he is the owner of his restaurant and not an employee. However, it is estimated that his restaurant earns around $30,000 to $40,000 per day from its 10-seat dining room.

Why ‍is Jiro Ono Famous?

Why is Jiro Ono Famous

Jiro Ono is famous for his exceptional skill and dedication to the art of ⁢sushi-making.

He is the owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro,‍ a⁤ Michelin three-star restaurant in Tokyo, considered one of the world’s best sushi establishments.

Jiro’s attention to detail, insistence on using only ‍the freshest ingredients, and​ commitment to perfecting his craft have earned him international recognition and acclaim.

His restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro, has been awarded three Michelin stars, further cementing his status in the culinary world.


Biography ⁢Overview

Early Life and Education

Jiro Ono was born on 27 October 1925 in Tenryū, now known as Hamamatsu, Jiro Ono began his culinary journey at seven. He moved to Tokyo to learn the art of sushi-making from a master, and by 1951, he had become a certified sushi chef.

Career and Awards

Jiro Ono Biography Overview

Jiro Ono is regarded as one of the greatest living sushi craftsmen of his time, and he has received numerous accolades for his work. His restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro, has held three Michelin stars since 2007 and has been listed in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants multiple times.

Ono has also received various awards for his contributions to Japanese cuisine, including the prestigious Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star in 2011, and the French Legion of Honor in 2019.

Ono’s influence extends beyond his restaurant. He was the subject of David Gelb’s 2011 documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

He has served notable figures such as former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and United States President Barack Obama.

Personal Life

Ono is a proud father of two sons, Yoshikazu and Takashi Ono, who are accomplished sushi chefs. Yoshikazu manages the main Japanese sushi restaurant in Ginza, while Takashi runs his Michelin-starred restaurant.

Jiro Ono News 2023

  • Jiro Ono is still making sushi. The 98-year-old sushi master has no plans to retire, and he is still working at Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant in Ginza Tokyo.
  • Sukiyabashi Jiro was removed from the Michelin guide. The restaurant was withdrawn from the guide in 2023 because it no longer accepts reservations from the general public. Only private clients and regulars can book a table.
  • Daisuke Nakazawa, Jiro Ono’s longtime protégé, is opening a new restaurant in Los Angeles. The restaurant, called Sushi Nakazawa, is scheduled to open in 2023. It is expected to be a popular destination for sushi lovers.
  • Jiro Ono’s son, Yoshikazu Ono, is now the head chef of Sukiyabashi Jiro. Yoshikazu Ono took over as head chef in 2019. He is a highly skilled sushi chef in his own right, and he has been praised for his dedication to the craft.

Social Media

Jiro⁢ Ono ⁣has no⁢ significant ​presence on social media platforms like ​Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. He may ‍maintain a more private and ⁣traditional approach to his work ⁢and personal life.

FAQs about Jiro‌ Ono

⁢What is Jiro Ono’s ⁢date of birth?

Jiro Ono was born on October‍ 27, 1925.

Where ⁢is Sukiyabashi Jiro located?

Sukiyabashi Jiro is located in Tokyo, Japan.

How many​ Michelin stars does Sukiyabashi Jiro have?

Sukiyabashi Jiro has ⁢been awarded⁢ three‌ Michelin stars.

Who is ‌Jiro Ono’s successor?

Jiro Ono’s eldest son,​ Yoshikazu‍ Ono, is‌ set‌ to take over Sukiyabashi Jiro and continue his father’s legacy.

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Jiro Ono’s net worth is estimated to be substantial,​ reflecting his enduring influence ⁢and outstanding career in the culinary world.

As⁣ a renowned sushi master and owner of the world-renowned Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant in Tokyo, his expertise continues to captivate food enthusiasts ‌globally.

‍Jiro’s net worth⁤ is a testament to his remarkable ⁢dedication and commitment to his craft, ⁤making ⁢him ‍a true icon in traditional Japanese cuisine.

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