How to Use Screw Eye Pins in Jewelry Making? in 2023

How to Use Screw Eye Pins in Jewelry Making in 2023

Screw eye pins are a type of jewelry-making fastener that can connect two jewelry pieces. The screw eye pin is inserted through a hole in one piece of jewelry and then screwed shut, securing the pin in place. Screw eye pins can also hang pendants or charms from a necklace.

And if you are looking for the best way to use this tool, this is an excellent place for you. Keep reading this guide Byboe will show you How to Use Screw Eye Pins in Jewelry Making? and other tips.

How to Use Eyepins

Eye pins can save you time when bringing together your thin pieces of jewelry. They already have a loop at the end and can be easily manipulated so that you can create bead links quickly. Similar to head pins, they are available in many metals and lengths to suit your desired look.

How to Use Eyepins

Making Links With Eyepins

  • Your bead should be slipped onto the eye pin, so it rests comfortably in the eye pin.
  • You should ensure that there is enough wire to make a loop. If the wire loops are too long, you can trim excess wire with wire cutters. Leave about 1cm.
  • As you would with a hairpin, use your round nose pliers to bend the wire loops at an angle just above the bead.
  • Start to turn your flat nose pliers and bend the wire while you do so, creating a loop.
  • Jump rings can be attached to wrapped loops that you have created to add charms or feature beads to your links.

What Are Headpins Used for

What Are Headpins Used for?

Head pins are thin wire pieces with flattened pieces at one end. This is also called the head. The head pin acts as a stopper and ensures that beads are securely attached to the wire.

The wire is also flush-cut at the other end to make it more user-friendly. You can find head pins in a variety of precious metals and alloys.

Jewelers use sterling silver, brass, brass, gunmetal, and antique copper as their most popular materials. You can find eye pins and head pins at jewelry suppliers in different lengths. This is useful when working with larger beads for jewelry making, needing extra wire wrapping.

Head pin is used in jewellery making to make earring dangles with gemstones or beads. You can also use them to make charm or bead links by using wire wrapping.

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Making Loops With Headpins

Making Loops With Headpins

  • Attach your charm or bead to the headpin so it rests gently at the top of the pin.
  • You should ensure that there is enough wire to cover the bead to create a loop. This should be approximately 1 cm.
  • Use a pair of round nose pliers to bend the wire at an angle.
  • Grab the wire with your round nose pliers and start rotating the pliers towards any bend you’ve made in the wire.
  • This creates a half-loop.
  • Continue turning your pliers and bending the wire, forming a complete loop.
  • Use a pair of flat-nosed scissors to close the loop. Remember to add any additional elements or links before closing the loop tightly.

TIP: Are you still struggling to get your hands on round nose pliers? Mark the 5 mm distance between your pliers’ ends with a marker. This will allow you to clamp the wire and turn it into a neat, small loop.

How to Make a Loop in a Head or Eye Pin

How to Make a Loop in a Head or Eye Pin

For making earrings or charms, an eye pin or head pin is used in jewellery making. Eye pins are designed as connectors and have a loop at the end.

The exact process is used to make eye pins.

  • Attach your beads to the headpin. With your round nose plier, press down just above the last dot. As shown in the image above, pull the wire to the side.
  • You will need approximately 1 cm of wire to make a good-sized loop. You should have no more wire left after you’ve threaded your beads. If you do, you can trim it off now with wire cutters.
  • Use your round nose plier to wrap the tip of your headpin wire. Then, press down and roll the wire inwards towards the beads. The goal is to place the loop in a way that follows the natural curves of your pliers. The coil may become distorted if you pull it back or let it go halfway through.
  • Your loop should be centered against the last bead that you have threaded. Then you can use the component to make a necklace or ear wires to make simple earrings.

How to Use Screw Eye Pins in Jewelry Making? Conclusion

Screw eye pins are a great way to attach jewelry findings and other components. They are easy to use and can be attached with a simple screwdriver. They are versatile and can be used to connect results from different materials. The best thing about using screw eye pins is that they are easy to use and straightforward. We hope that our guide can help you learn more ways to use this tool.

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