How to Make Tumblers? Top Full Guide 2023

How to Make Tumblers Top Full Guide 2023

Glass tumblers are a popular drinkware choice for their style and functionality. They can be used for both hot and cold drinks and come in various sizes and shapes.

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to make tumblers, then you have come to the right place. This article will show you How to Make Tumblers? by using a few simple tools and techniques.

Which Type Of Tumbler Is Best To Resin?

It doesn’t matter what tumbler you use; make sure it is double-walled or insulated. Why? ArtResin is only allowed to be cured at 120F/50C.

The maximum temperature at which cured ArtResin can be exposed is 120F or 50C. This may cause softening of the resin if it is brewed fresh.

An insulated tumbler is best if you plan to use your tumbler for hot beverages. It’s also a good idea to have a plastic lip on the top of your tumbler so that resin doesn’t come in contact with hot drinks.

Supplies for Making Glitter Tumblers with Epoxy

Since I have been a professional craftsman for six years, I don’t usually check my supplies before beginning a project. Bob says, “What more could one possibly need?” (I started the Glowforge route, but he stopped at the dryer vent.

Before you make your first custom glitter tumbler, you will need to ensure you have everything you need. Here’s a list of everything you need to make your first tumbler.

  • Stainless Steel Tumbler (I used a size 20oz).
  • Spray paint
  • Tape for Painters
  • Mod Podge
  • Silicone Brushes
  • Fine Glitter
  • Clear Coat Spray
  • Epoxy (Both the A and B parts).
  • Disposable rubber gloves
  • Small Mixing Cup
  • Two small measuring cups (marked with ml).
  • Popsicle stick, or another stirrer
  • Adhesive Vinyl
  • Cup Turner (This one I used is WRMK Spin it)
  • Sandpaper 180-220
  • Catch drips on a tray or paper plate

Prepping to Make a Glitter Tumbler

Prepping to Make a Glitter Tumbler

Tape off the cup’s top and bottom if you wish. Although FDA has approved the Alumilite, I don’t like it in my mouth, so I tape it off.

The epoxy can crack if it touches the bottom edge. To prevent paint from getting on the base, I add a press and seal when I tap off the bottom. Click here to view a video tutorial about how to tape off cups.

We will cover your work surface with a coat of paint. Then, we will apply a base layer that is the same color as the glitter we plan to use.

Spray paint about 12 inches from the surface of the cup by turning it over so that the bottom is facing up. Spray a little dust over the cup by simply circling it.

In my previous tutorials on tumblers, I mentioned that you needed to use a particular paint brand. However, I tried two different brands for some reason, and both worked flawlessly.

It’s not clear if the composition of stainless steel changed. I used to have problems with other paints than enamel, but it seems that this is no longer the case.

My large glitter tumbler used Krylon Satin Sea Glass spray paint from Walmart.

Rust-oleum spa blue was used for my smaller blue glitter tumbler.

How to Spray Paint a Tumbler

Spray painting your tumbler before you use a whole bottle of glitter. Spray paint should be the same color as the glitter. Spray painting first allows you to use less glitter. The spray paint will cover it if glitter isn’t covered well in some spots.

How to Spray Paint a Tumbler

Use painter’s tape to cover the entire cup’s top and bottom before painting it.

To protect the top of your cup, place the tape halfway on the lip. Then fold the tape down to the inside. You should ensure that the video is well sealed and that no wrinkles or areas where paint might leak under it.

how to make glitter tumblers

I filled it with paper towels to prevent paint from getting inside my cup.

Spray painting a tumbler requires a light hand. Otherwise, drips and uneven paint will result. My 11-year old helped me with the spraying. I got many beads, but it was gone after two coats of epoxy and glitter. Don’t be alarmed if you have a drip.

Spray painting the tumbler with a spray can is an excellent option to avoid drips. You can use an extension pole device to rotate the pole/turner while spraying paint with one hand.

how to make custom tumblers

Before you start spray painting, let it dry completely.

You should not remove the tape. I didn’t realize it was such a bad idea.

How to Add Glitter to a Tumbler

There are many ways to add glitter to a custom tumbler. I chose to use Mod Podge. A thin layer of epoxy can be used to give the tumbler a more even glitter layer.

How to Add Glitter to a Tumbler

No matter what you choose, it is easiest to add glitter when the tumbler spins (and when there is tape protecting the bottom and top of the tumbler) so that it is horizontal when you pour the glitter.

The Mod Podge method was impossible because I didn’t have the spinner moving, but we rotated it manually as we drove around the tumbler.

Grab some printer paper and fold it in the middle. To catch the glitter, place the form under the spinner. You can easily dump excess glitter back into the jar by the crease.

It is essential to work soon to ensure that Mod Podge doesn’t dry too quickly. Otherwise, glitter will not stick to the Mod Podge.

You can use a silicone brush to apply Mod Podge in a thick and even layer all over the tumbler. As you rotate the cup manually, pour the glitter into small sections.

Make sure that the glitter covers all surfaces. Make sure to get the glitter layer as even as you can. High-quality glitter is best for tumblers.

It should be colored through, not just on the surface. When you sand your tumbler only a few times, the glitter will still shine even after being ground.

You can always add Mod Podge or glitter to your glitter tumbler if it looks anything like mine (he tried).

Allow the mod podge and glitter layers to dry for several hours or overnight.

You will now need to seal the glitter layer using Krylon Clear Coat Spray. I applied two coats and brushed any glitter that was not evenly distributed. This helps keep the glitter from getting all over the place when epoxy is added.

To seal in glitter, re-tape the tumbler.

Take off the tape at the bottom and top of the cup. Replace it with new stripes using painter’s tape. The second video set should not be used if there is any stainless steel between the glitter and tape.

To seal in glitter, re-tape the tumbler.

This small area will be covered with epoxy and the rest of the cup that is not covered by tape. The epoxy should be applied slightly above the glittered area (on top) and below the glittered regions (bottom).

Setup the Epoxy Tumbler Turner

Making glitter tumblers with epoxy is problematic because it involves applying epoxy. That’s why I purchased all the materials about nine months back and finally dared to make my first tumbler.

Setup the Epoxy Tumbler Turner

Before you mix and apply the epoxy, make sure you set up your workspace in an area with enough space and an outlet. For 6-8 hours, the epoxy tumbler must be turned on and off.

The WRMK Spin was what I used. It worked well for me, but it was my first cup-turner. If you’re looking for something unique, there are plenty of tumbler-turners available on Amazon.

The Spin It turner can be adjusted to adjust the size of the spinner so that tumblers of different sizes spin equally. An uneven epoxy application or a tumbler spinning at an angle can lead to epoxy drips.

How to Make a Resin Marble Tumbler

How to Make a Resin Marble Tumbler

Get your materials ready

As before, prepare the work surface and the cup turner. Use gloves to measure your ArtResin carefully, and then mix it according to the instructions.

Get your materials ready

Divide the mixture into five shot glasses (one for each color), and keep some clear resin in the mixing cup. Mix your tint into each cup as before. Add glitter to your resin if you wish for a sparkling effect.

Use Your Resin

Turn on the rotisserie motor and apply a clear coating of ArtResin to the surface. Spread it evenly with your gloved hands.

Use Your Resin

The tinted resin will blend with the first coat of clear resin, creating a marble effect when the tumbler turns. Start with the darkest color and work your way down, diagonally applying each color.

TIP: Start with less resin to test the color blend. You can always add more resin if necessary.

Let the Tumbler cure

Let the Tumbler cure 2

Let the Tumbler cure 3

Let the Tumbler cure

Keep the motor on and let the cup turn until the resin is completely dry. This will take approximately 18-24 hours. The tape can be removed from the cup turner. Let the cup cure for another 72 hours.

How to Make a Resin Alcohol Ink Tumbler

How to Make a Resin Alcohol Ink Tumbler

Use a sponge to apply the alcohol ink to your tumbler. Apply one color at a while in any pattern you choose. You can work your way up from light to dark and highlight gold at the ends.

how to make custom glitter tumblers

how to make compost tumblers

how to make the glitter tumblers

Mount the tumbler onto your cup turner once the alcohol ink is dry. Use gloves to measure and mix a little clear ArtResin carefully.

The motor will turn on. As the tumbler turns, slowly pour the ArtResin onto it. Use your gloved hands to smoothen it.

how to make decorative tumblers

After the entire surface is covered evenly, let it dry for 18-24 hours. After drying, please take off the tape and let it cure for at least 72 hours. It will be fully cured after 72 hours.

Tips to Preserve your Resin Tumbler

ArtResin can be cured at temperatures up to 120F/50C. Hand washes your tumbler with warm soapy water. Please do not leave it in a hot vehicle. Use cold beverages only if your tumbler has a double wall or an insulated one.

Tips to Preserve your Resin Tumbler

Before using your tumbler, ensure that it has been fully cured for at least 72 hours.

Make sure there is no epoxy residue around your tumbler’s lip. To remove any epoxy seeped beneath the tape, use sandpaper or blade. Wipe any sanding dust with a damp cloth to clean it. Before you use your tumbler, wash it in warm soapy water.

How to Make Tumblers?: Conclusion

There are a few ways to make tumblers. One way is to use a lathe to turn a piece of wood into a cylinder. Then, drill a hole in the center of the cylinder and cut off the top and bottom.

The second way is to cut a cylinder out of clay. Then, shape the cylinder into the basic tumbler shape. Finally, paint the clay cylinder and use different-sized small bowls to create the final tumbler. These are the basic steps to create a tumbler; Byboe hopes that our guide can help you recycle your Tumblers.

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