How To Make Fake Jewelry Silver Again 2023: The Complete Guide

How To Make Fake Jewelry Silver Again 2023 The Complete Guide

Fake jewelry is a great way to keep up with the trends without breaking your bank – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, fake silver jewelry loses its luster easily. After a while, the jewelry will begin to tarnish and lose its appeal.

That, however, doesn’t mean you should throw out the jewelry. In this post, By Boe has listed the best ways to show you ” how to make fake jewelry silver again ” you can use to restore jewelry to its original shine in the comfort of your home.

How to Make Fake Jewelry Silver Again

While jewelry made from pure gold or silver does not tarnish, more economical alloys in imitation jewelry will begin to change colors and oxidize over time. In case you’ve got imitation jewelry that’s dropped its original glow or color, there are simple ways you can wash and polish it in your home.

How to Make Fake Jewelry Silver Again

It is possible to either wash imitation silver jewelry with cleansers to eliminate tarnish or deep-clean it into a baking soda solution. Then, when you are finished, your jewelry will glow like new!

Method 1: Polish the Fake Silver Jewelry.

Polishing your imitation jewelry isn’t merely an excellent method of restoring its glow but also a fantastic means of cleaning it. Additionally, it helps buff out the shallow scrapes in your jewelry where potential.

It’ll have your jewelry looking new in no time. Even though you can choose your jewelry into the jeweler to shine, why pay $25+ to get something that you can do yourself at home. It is a simple process, and all of the materials you need can be obtained at home. You can polish your jewelry using these items:

Method 1 Polish the Fake Silver Jewelry

1. Baby Shampoo.

Applying soap is a superb method of flushing out the tarnish. Baby shampoo is light soap that is more suitable for imitation jewelry and fragile stones in any event.

To use it to enhance your jewelry, then you have to combine a drop of this baby shampoo with 240ml of warm water. Mix from the soap nicely until the water gets foamy.

Now, you may use a cotton swab to rub the sterile water onto your jewelry and remove the tarnish. In addition, it is a beautiful method of cleaning the tight spaces from the jewelry. Should you still feel that the jewelry requires further scrubbing, then you may use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

If the jewelry has gemstones, prevent water bathing in them because this can loosen up the glue holding it in position. Instead, use a sterile 100% cotton fabric, wet it with warm soapy water, and wipe around the diamonds’ borders to eliminate the tarnish.

As soon as you’re done removing the tarnish, rinse the jewelry from cold water and then wash it by tapping it with a towel.

2. Lemon Juice.

Lemon juice is just another fantastic thing, readily available to use while polishing your imitation jewelry in your home. The acidity of the lemon juice breaks down the tarnish, which makes it simpler to polish the jewelry.

Begin by mixing equal parts of lemon juice and warm water, then in other words, should you use a cup of lemon juice, you’ve got to use 1 cup of warm water.

Next, put your jewelry from the lemon juice option and let it sit for about ten minutes. After that, you can remove the jewelry and then wash out the tarnish using a soft toothbrush. After that is completed, rinse the jewelry with fresh water and then pat it dry.

Remember, however, that lemon juice is highly acidic. Therefore don’t use it independently. Instead, make sure you combine it with equal quantities of warm water to balance out the acidity. In addition, don’t use this technique on jewelry comprising fake stones. Soaking such jewelry can loosen the rock by loosening the adhesive.

3. Ketchup.

Ketchup additionally has some acidity because of the existence of lactic and vinegar acid used to create it. It may, therefore, also help break the tarnish. Additionally, it is readily available in the kitchen. Thus, it’s the best thing if you end up in a rush and have nothing else to use.

To begin with, put enough ketchup onto a plate or bowl. Next, cover your jewelry entirely inside and allow it to sit for approximately ten minutes. This offers the ketchup time to remove the tarnish.

You may then thoroughly wash the ketchup of the jewelry off utilizing cold water and then pat it dry. If you would like to eliminate the odor, you can wash out the jewelry using soapy water rather than simply rinsing it.

4. Toothpaste.

Toothpaste is still another readily available ingredient you may use to polish your imitation jewelry in your home. It includes abrasive components, which are beneficial in removing tarnish. To begin with, set a small quantity of toothpaste onto a soft toothbrush.

Next, while operating in circular motions, rub off the slough of the jewelry. Keep doing so until the jewelry begins to glow. From there, depart the jewelry for 5 minutes until you wash it with cold water. Pat the jewelry using a towel and make sure it is scorched to prevent tarnishing.

Make sure that you utilize non-gel toothpaste that’s intended to whiten teeth. This toothpaste contains baking soda, which assists with discoloration. Additionally, you may use a soft fabric rather than some toothbrush through the bristles of this brush to reach the crevasses of their jewelry.

5. Metal Polish.

There’s a probability that after polishing and cleaning your jewelry, the original glow might not be restored. You may use metal polish out of any home maintenance shop to turn your jewelry glow again in these scenarios.

First, apply a small quantity of polish to some cleaning cloth and wash the jewelry. Then, use circular motions to assist buff the alloy so that the jewelry can glow again.

Method 2: Deep-Cleaning Using Baking Soda.

Besides shining, baking soda is a fantastic agent for removing tarnish from imitation silver jewelry. It comprises whitening elements which assist with removing discoloration, hence perfect for deep cleansing your tarnished jewelry.

Method 2 Deep-Cleaning Using Baking Soda

This process involves a couple of straightforward steps, and you’d require these things: Baking soda, salt, water, aluminum plate or foil, clean fabric, and a microwave.

As Soon as You have everything you’ll need, you can follow these simple Actions to remove the tarnish from the imitation jewelry:

Begin by carrying out each of your tarnished jewelry and setting it aside from those who have rocks on them. You will want to be cautious cleaning them to prevent loosening the paste and using the stones to drop out afterward.

Next, prep a glass jar, simply lining the interior with aluminum foil. Take care not to tear the foil. Instead, if you’ve got an aluminum plate, something such as a pie dish, you can use that. The aluminum can help pull all the tarnish from your jewelry.

When the bowl is prepped, mix in 1 tablespoon of baking soda plus 1 tbsp of salt. The salt works to improve the overall bleaching function of this baking soda, which makes it simpler to remove the tarnish.

At a microwave, heat 1 cup of water for approximately two minutes. The water ought to be hot but not boiling.

Add the hot water into the bowl and combine it with salt and baking soda to produce the solution. Make sure you combine well, and there are not any clamps. Allow the solution to sit for about a minute after stirring to permit everything to liquefy correctly.

After that, you can add the tarnished jewelry to the solution making sure it is completely covered. Don’t forget to avoid submerging any jewelry with rocks.

Allow the jewelry to sit at the solution for 10 minutes. This is supposed to be sufficient time to get the salt and baking soda to oxidize the tarnish off the jewelry and move it into the aluminum foil. Otherwise, you may add another 2-3 minutes.

When you remove the jewelry, then you need to observe that it is shinier. Now, you may use the washrag to gently rub on the jewelry in circular motions to eliminate any residual tarnish.

Sometimes wet the fabric with the solution to find the best outcomes. For intricately designed areas that are tough to achieve, a soft toothbrush might be of greater use. If there tighter spaces, consider having a toothpick to clean. Make sure. However, the cloth and toothbrush are clean and do not have multiple applications.

After all of the tarnish is outside, rinse the remaining portion of the dipping of the jewelry in freshwater.

Dry the jewelry off by tapping it with a soft microfiber towel. To get a quicker drying process, you might also use a hairdryer in its most fantastic setting. Whichever the case, ensure that the jewelry is dry so that it does not rust or melts.

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FAQs about fake jewelry silver

FAQs about fake jewelry silver

1. How do you fix tarnished fake jewelry?

with this question, you can see more information via the video below.

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2. How do you make silver plated silver again?

To restore the silver color of the item, the jeweler rinses the jewelry in several baths of distilled water to ensure that the metal is chemically prepared and free of contamination for the chemical plating process. Then the item is submerged in the plating tank, which contains a solution with silver or rhodium.

3. How do you make silver look new?

Vinegar, water, and baking soda together are a great option for many things including your tarnished silver. To use this method you just need to mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl of lukewarm water. Let the silver soak for two to three hours.

4. How do you recolor fake gold jewelry?

Mix one tablespoon salt and one tablespoon of baking soda and mix with one cup warm water. Pour into the dish. The mixture will create a chemical reaction with the foil and bubble as it cleans the jewelry. Rinse with cool water and buff dry with a clean cloth.


Beautiful jewelry will help you attract people’s attention. However, to keep their attractive appearance, you must regularly clean your jewelry.

By using either of the two techniques and following the simple steps, you will have your jewelry shining in no time. All this at no extra cost, plus you now won’t have to throw away your jewelry. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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