How to Fix a Necklace Clasp? Top Full Guide in 2023

How to Fix a Necklace Clasp Top Full Guide in 2023

When you have owned a necklace for quite some time, the clasp gets weak and needs to be replaced. Or sometimes, the chain can get frayed and need repair as well.

But unfortunately, it may seem challenging to do on your own. So How to Fix a Necklace Clasp? There are a few ways to fix a necklace clasp if it becomes loose or broken. In this blog post, Byboe will show you the tools and materials you need to do so.

How to Repair a Broken Necklace Clasp

How to Repair a Broken Necklace Clasp

Supplies Used to Fix a Broken Necklace Clasp

These are some supplies necessary to fix a broken necklace.

  • Jewelry Pliers – 2 Pairs
  • Lobster Clasp

How to Fix a Clasp on a Necklace?

First, remove the jump ring attached to the broken lobster clasps. Use two pairs of jewelry or needle-nose pliers to open the jump ring. Then pinch each side.

How to Fix a Clasp on a Necklace

Twist the other hand in a clockwise direction. Do not pull the pliers apart, as this will alter the shape of your ring.

Take out the broken clasp and place the lobster clasp on the open ring. If you can not open the clasp, let’s check out our guide on how to open the necklace clasp to solve this problem.

You can close the jump rings by using the two pairs of pliers, each pinching one side of your favorite necklace. Then close the jump rings with a rocking motion.

how to fix broken clasp on a necklace Knot or Restring a Broken Necklace

Knot or Restring a Broken Necklace

The crimp beads attaching the beading wire to the clasp can become loose or break due to wear and abrasion. You’ll need to re-crimp the necklace and attach it using new crimp beads if this happens.

Crimp beads are a complex repair. To ensure that a crimp bead holds, choosing the correct size crimp for your beading wire is essential.

Flattening crimps can be done with flat-nosed or regular pliers. However, professional crimping tools will give you beautiful and lasting results.

how to fix a chain necklace clasp Repair an Elastic Bracelet

Repair an Elastic Bracelet

Elastic bracelets will eventually fail, regardless of how well they are made. The old elastic cannot be repaired. The bracelet will have to be re-stringed using a new elastic.

Finding the right elastic cord to fit your bracelet is the first step. To tie the elastic with success, use a surgeon’s tying knot. You can make more robust bracelets that last longer.

Fix or Replace Ear Wires

Fix or Replace Ear Wires

Updating the ear wires of earrings is one of the most straightforward jewelry repairs and changes.

This can be an essential part of jewelry for sensitive ears, or you don’t like dangle earrings.

You will be able to repair any bent or broken ear wires or earring posts by knowing how to change them.

Your earring component must be attached to the wire via a loop or jump ring to change the earring location.

To attach a clasp, open the loop on the ear wire using the same method to open the jump rings. Take out the old ear wire and attach the new one using the same technique.

Re-Shape or Resize a Ring

Re-Shape or Resize a Ring

Ring problems that are difficult to fix include out-of-shape ring bands or rings that have grown too small. These problems can be easily corrected with a metal-ring mandrel or a leather mallet.

Place the ring as low as possible on the ring mallet. Gently tap the circle with the mallet. Flip the ring over and remove the ring.

You only need to use enough pressure to reshape the ring. Tap the circle and rotate it until it is the right size.

Professionals should not resize or shape fine jewelry or rings with gemstones. This is to prevent the risk of loosening stones or creating stress fractures in the metal.

This is not possible for some metals. If the size doesn’t seem to be changing, it could be a problem.

how to fix a gold necklace clasp Re-Glue a Missing Stone

Re-Glue a Missing Stone

Understanding the materials and the correct jewelry glue is key to replacing missing stones. Superglue is not the best option, no matter what you do. It may be temporary, but it won’t last very long.

Removing Tangles and Knots From Chains

Hanging your gold chain jewelry is best to avoid knots and tangled chains. What do you do if the knot or tangle has already formed?

Removing Tangles and Knots From Chains

Tangles are when more than one gold rope chain is wound up together. They can also include knots. It takes patience, sewing pins, good lighting, and baby oil to untangle and unknot chains. Be patient.

Start at a loose end and untangle necklace chain. To help the gold chain glide apart, use the cotton swab. This same method works for knots in chains.

How to Fix a Broken Necklace Clasp? Conclusion

There are a few ways to fix a necklace clasp. One way is to use a small superglue to hold the clasp in place. In this way, the clasp can be left in place for a long time.

Superglue is not meant to be eaten, so you may want to be extra careful when applying it. We hope that our guide can help you know how to fix a broken clasp on a necklace.

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