How Does a Diamond Tester Work? in 2023

How Does a Diamond Tester Work in 2022 1

A diamond tester is a device used to determine whether a given object is a diamond. Diamond testers apply a small amount of pressure to the object in question and measure the electrical resistance. If the thing is a diamond, the electrical resistance will be high; if the object is not a diamond, the electrical resistance will be low. Keep reading to know how does a diamond tester work?

What Is a Diamond Test?

A portable device called the diamond testers can be used to verify the authenticity of diamonds and test materials for thermal and electrical conductivity. The gemstone’s physical characteristics can determine if the stone you are buying is genuine.

What Is a Diamond Test

There are two types of testers: electric conductivity and thermal conductivity. Multi-testers can combine both. The thermal conductivity diamond testers measure heat transfer speed and the speed it travels through the stones. The electrical conductivity testers measure electricity flow speed and its speed through the rocks.

The principle of operation of diamond testers is based upon the fact that every type of gemstone has its chemical structure.

This means that each one conducts heat or electricity differently. This means that heat and electricity will flow through authentic diamonds differently from cubic zirconia.

You can test diamonds whether a diamond is genuine by placing the tester’s tip on the stone’s surface to detect how much heat or electricity it has. The device will display the authenticity of the diamond and emit a sound signal.

How do Diamond Testers work

How Do Diamond Testers Work?

The principle of operation for a real diamond tester is based upon the fact that different gemstones conduct heat differently. The heat passing through a diamond will be different from cubic zirconia and glass.

The real diamond tester can detect heat movement through the stone and tell you if they are natural diamonds.

You can also use an electrical conductivity tester to test stones. They are based on the same principle but use electricity instead.

What Type Is Better of Diamond Tester?

The most reliable and accurate way to verify the authenticity of diamond jewelry is with diamond tests. It is important to note that multi-testers and electrical conductivity diamond testers are better than thermal conductivity testers. They are more accurate, even though they are more expensive.

A tester that measures only the thermal conductivity can’t tell the difference between a diamond and moissanite because these stones interact closely with heat.

You will need to use a tester that measures electrical conductivity or both, as diamonds and moissanites conduct different amounts of electricity.

The technology is improving, and many models are available on the market. However, it is essential to consider certain aspects to choose a suitable quality diamond tester.

The best models include a metal detector that signals when you touch a portion of the setting rather than a gemstone. This is crucial because most diamond testers without the metal detector feature will mistake metal for diamond.

If you’re looking to buy a thermal conductivity tester, ensure it can test accurately at different temperatures. A good diamond tester shouldn’t heat up quickly and have a very short lag between tests.

What are Diamond Testers Used for

What are Diamond Testers Used for?

Jewelers use diamond testers all the time to verify the authenticity of real diamonds.

The jeweler will verify that your diamond is genuine if you intend to exchange it or sell it.

Jewelers must also know the gemstone’s name in the setting before they can repair a piece. Different gemstones are sensitive to heat, pressure, and stress.

It is a brilliant idea for you, the customer, to have the diamond jeweler test the stones before you receive them.

If you are unsure if the gemstone you own is a real diamond, you can always ask for a test at a jewelry shop.

How Reliable Are Diamond Testers?

The best way to verify the authenticity of a diamond is with a diamond tester.

You should be aware that testers who rely on thermal conductivity may mistake moissanite as a diamond because the two stones conduct heat in very similar ways.

A device that measures electrical conductivity is used to test the stones. Diamonds and moissanite are different in their ability to conduct electricity.

What Makes a Good Diamond Tester

What Makes a Good Diamond Tester?

There are many things to consider when buying a diamond tester device.

To distinguish moissanite from a diamond, make sure the device has electrical conductivity. For greater accuracy, the most recent models on the market combine heat/electricity tests.

A metal detector is another good feature that will alert you if you touch the metal setting accidentally.

Your tester may not recognize metal, and it could indicate that you are holding a real diamond when you accidentally touch the setting.

How Does a Laser Diamond Tester Work: Conclusion

The diamond testers are a device used to determine whether a diamond is real or fake diamonds. The tester works by measuring the electric conductivity of the diamond. If the diamond is natural, it will have a high electrical conductivity.

The electrical conductivity diamond tester works in the same way a thermal conductivity meter works, except that it is used to determine whether an object is a diamond or not. Byboe hopes that our article was helpful.

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