What is Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Family, And More

What is Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Family, And More

Andrew Ridgeley is a British musician, singer, and songwriter, best known as the co-founder and rhythm guitarist​ of the iconic 1980s duo Wham!.⁣

With his friend and‍ bandmate George Michael, Ridgeley achieved immense success and became one of the most influential⁤ acts of their time. This article will delve into Andrew Ridgeley net worth, life, career, and awards.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Andrew John Ridgeley
Popular Name: Andrew Ridgeley
Gender: Male
Birth Date: January 26, 1963
Age: 60 years⁤ old (as of 2023)
Parents: Albert Ridgeley (father), Jennifer Ridgeley (mother)
Siblings: Paul
Birth Place: Windlesham, Surrey, England
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: White
Education: Bushey Meads School
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wife/Spouse: Keren Woodward
Children: Unknown
Dating: Not Applicable
Net Worth: $40 million
Source of Wealth: Music, Songwriting, Royalties
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

What is Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth ⁤and Salary⁣ in 2023?

What is Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth and Salary

According to reports, Andrew⁤ Ridgeley has an ​estimated net worth of⁣ $40 million in 2023. His primary source of wealth comes from ​his successful music career, songwriting royalties, ⁢and the continued popularity of his work with Wham!.

While Ridgeley’s individual net worth may not match that of his former bandmate George Michael, his contributions to the duo’s success have undoubtedly made a significant financial​ impact on his life.

Despite stepping away ⁣from the spotlight in​ recent years, Ridgeley ​continues to earn through ⁣his music catalog ⁣and royalties. Also check: Andrea Bocelli net worth

Why is ​Andrew Ridgeley Famous?

Andrew Ridgeley⁣ rose to fame as one-half of the British pop duo Wham!. The musical⁤ partnership with‍ his childhood friend George Michael garnered worldwide success, releasing hits like‍ Wake​ Me Up Before You Go-Go and Careless Whisper.

Together, they ⁢became ‍icons of 1980s pop culture, known for ​their⁣ catchy tunes, ‍stylish fashion, and energetic performances.

Wham! ⁤played a crucial role in shaping the pop music ‍landscape, and Ridgeley’s guitar ⁤skills and​ harmonies were an integral part of their sound. Even after the duo disbanded, Ridgeley’s influence resonated, making him a ‍renowned figure in the music ⁣industry.

Biography Overview

Andrew Ridgeley Biography Overview

Early Life

Andrew John Ridgeley⁣ was born on⁣ January 26, 1963, in Windlesham, Surrey, England.⁢ Not much is known about‍ his ‍early life​ and family background.

However, it ⁤was during his school ⁣years ⁢at Bushey Meads School ⁣that ​he ‍met ⁤his future Wham! bandmate, George Michael. Their shared love for ⁢music and common musical aspirations forged a lifelong friendship and ⁣partnership.


Ridgeley attended Bushey Meads ​School,⁣ where⁣ he developed his passion for music and formed his first band called The Executive. It was​ during these formative years ​that he met ‍George Michael, and their musical journey began.

Career and ⁤Awards

Ridgeley’s ​career began in the early 1980s⁢ when he formed Wham! with ‍George Michael. The duo released their debut album, Fantastic, in 1983, which achieved considerable success in the UK.

However, it was their second album, Make It Big, released in 1984, that catapulted them to global stardom. The‍ album featured chart-topping‍ hits⁣ like Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Careless Whisper.

Wham! ​received‍ several awards⁣ and nominations during their career, including Brit ⁢Awards for Best British ⁢Group and Best British Single. They also achieved⁤ the honor ⁣of being the first Western⁣ pop band to perform in ​China, leaving a lasting impact on both the Western and Eastern music scenes.

Beyond music, Ridgeley has also participated in charity events, such as an 18-day, 1,100-mile cycling event across the French and Swiss Alps in 2018, raising $1.4 million for charity. As of 2023, Ridgeley has not received any notable awards for his musical contributions.

Personal Life

Andrew Ridgeley ⁣is married to ⁣Keren Woodward, a member ‍of⁤ the British pop ⁤group Bananarama. The couple has⁤ kept their personal life relatively private, and little is known about their children or family life.

Social Media Accounts

Andrew Ridgeley maintains a low profile on‍ social media platforms, which aligns with ⁢his privacy preference. As a result, there are no ⁤official social media accounts associated with him. However, as a music icon, various ​fan pages and tribute accounts celebrate his contributions to the music industry.

Lists News 2023

  • In 2023, Andrew Ridgeley, the other half of the iconic pop duo Wham!, experienced a resurgence in popularity. This was largely due to the release of a Netflix documentary titled Wham!, which premiered in the summer and quickly became a trending topic on the platform.
  • In addition to the documentary, the summer of 2023 also saw the release of an extensive Wham! collection titled The Singles: Echoes from the Edge of Heaven, further cementing the band’s lasting legacy.

FAQs about Andrew Ridgeley

FAQs about Andrew Ridgeley

When did Andrew Ridgeley retire from the music industry?

Andrew Ridgeley stepped away from the music⁣ industry after Wham! disbanded in 1986. He focused on⁣ his personal life and pursued ​various other interests outside of music.

Does Andrew Ridgeley still perform music?

Ridgeley has⁢ occasionally appeared at charity events and tributes to Wham! and George ‍Michael. However, he ⁤has⁢ not pursued an active⁤ music career or released solo albums since Wham!

Is Andrew Ridgeley ​involved in any other artistic endeavors?

While Ridgeley primarily focuses on his personal life, ‍he has occasionally dabbled⁣ in‍ other creative pursuits. He has acted, appeared in documentaries, and even participated in the London ⁤Marathon in 2019.

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Andrew Ridgeley may ⁣have ⁢left the music industry behind, but his ⁤contributions as one half ⁤of Wham! and his impact on ‍pop culture in the 1980s continues to be celebrated.

With an estimated net worth of $40 million, ​Ridgeley’s ​musical legacy, songwriting, and enduring popularity⁣ ensure⁢ his place in music‍ history. For more information about Andrew Ridgeley, visit Byboe.

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