What is Amy Lee Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Height, Family, And More

What is Amy Lee Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Height, Family, And More

Amy Lee is ⁤an American singer, songwriter, and pianist ​who is widely known for her powerful vocals and haunting lyrics. ⁣She gained fame as the lead vocalist and co-founder of the rock band Evanescence. This article will delve into Amy Lee Net Worth, life, career, and awards.

Quick Facts

Full Name Amy Lynn Hartzler
Popular Name Amy Lee
Gender Female
Birth Date December 13, 1981
Age 41 ​years old (as of 2023)
Parents John Lee and Sara Cargill
Siblings Carrie Lee
Birth Place Riverside, California, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education After completing high school, Amy Lee ‍attended Middle Tennessee State University
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife/Spouse Josh Hartzler
Children Two sons
Dating N/A
Net Worth $12 million (as of 2023)
Source​ of Wealth Music
Height 5’3″ ‍(160 cm)
Weight 121 lbs (55 kg)

What is​ Amy Lee Net Worth and Salary in⁢ 2023?

What is Amy Lee Net Worth and Salary

According to reports, Amy Lee has a remarkable net worth of⁣ approximately $12 million as of 2023.‍ Her primary source of wealth is her successful music career, both as a solo artist and as the lead⁤ vocalist of ​Evanescence. Amy Lee has earned ⁤substantial income over the years through album sales, tour revenues, and royalties.

Additionally, she has also ventured into other creative⁣ endeavors, such ​as composing music ⁤for ⁤films and television shows, further contributing to her net worth.

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Why is Amy Lee Famous?

Amy Lee gained ⁢immense fame and recognition for her contributions to​ the rock⁣ music scene. As the lead singer of Evanescence, she ⁢achieved mainstream success by releasing their debut album Fallen in 2003, which included the hit singles Bring Me to Life and My Immortal.

Amy’s powerful and passionate vocals, combined with the band’s unique blend of ⁤alternative rock and gothic influences, captivated audiences worldwide. Her mesmerizing performances and captivating stage presence⁣ solidified her‍ status as one of​ the most iconic female rock vocalists of her generation.

Biography Overview

Amy Lee Biography Overview

Early Life

Amy Lee ⁢was born on December 13, 1981, ⁤in Riverside, California. She grew up in a musical family, with her father, John Lee,⁤ a ​disc jockey and her mother, Sara Cargill, a ⁣classically trained pianist. Amy naturally inclined towards music from a young age and began taking piano lessons at six. The family moved ‍to Little Rock, Arkansas, where Amy spent her formative years.


After completing high school, Amy Lee attended Middle Tennessee State University, where she studied music theory and composition. ⁢During her college years, she met future Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, and the two started collaborating on music together. Their musical chemistry ​eventually led to the formation of Evanescence.

Career ⁢and Awards

Evanescence ⁣released⁢ their ‍breakthrough album Fallen in 2003, catapulting them to international fame. The album reached the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 17 million copies worldwide.⁢

Apart⁢ from her work with ​Evanescence, Amy Lee has also pursued a successful solo career.‍ She released her ⁣debut ⁢solo album, Aftermath, in 2014, which featured songs she composed for the independent ​film War Story. The album showcased a more intimate and introspective side of Amy’s artistry.

Over the years, Lee has been recognized for her exceptional talent and contributions to music. In 2008, she received the Songwriter Icon Award from the National Music Publishers Association. She was named Best Vocalist at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in 2012 and Rock Goddess of the Year at the Loudwire Music Awards the same year.

In 2015, she won Best Film Score at the Moondance International Film Festival for Indigo Grey: The Passage, and in 2017, she received the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Original Song in an Independent Film for Speak to Me.

Personal Life

In 2007, Amy ⁣Lee married‍ therapist Josh Hartzler. The⁣ couple has two sons together. Throughout her career, Amy ⁤has been an advocate for various causes, ⁤including ⁤animal rights and supporting organizations⁣ such as Out of the ⁢Shadows, which raises awareness about epilepsy.

Social Media Accounts

Amy Lee has ​a significant⁣ following on various social⁢ media platforms, showcasing her‍ enduring popularity. As of 2023, she has ⁤around 1.4 ⁤million followers ⁢on ⁤Instagram, 789,000 followers on Twitter, over 436,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 3.7 million followers on Facebook.

FAQs about Amy Lee

FAQs about Amy Lee

Does Amy Lee have any involvement in charity work?

Yes, Amy Lee has been involved in various charitable activities and causes. She has supported organizations focused on issues like animal welfare and disaster relief.

What is Amy Lee’s vocal range?

Amy Lee is known for her impressive vocal range, which spans from contralto to soprano. Her ability to sing in various tones contributes to Evanescence’s distinctive sound.

Has Evanescence gone through lineup changes over the years?

Yes, Evanescence has experienced several lineup changes since its formation. Amy Lee remains a consistent member as the lead vocalist and primary creative force.


Amy Lee’s extraordinary talent as a vocalist​ and songwriter has propelled her to great heights⁢ in‍ the music industry. With her haunting melodies and powerful performances, she has​ carved a niche  in ⁢the rock genre. For more information about Amy Lee, visit Byboe.

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