What is Amr Diab Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Family, And More

What is Amr Diab Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Family, And More

Amr Diab is a renowned Egyptian singer and composer ⁣with a ⁢massive fan base around the world. Known for his captivating voice ​and catchy⁢ songs, he⁢ has become a symbol of Egyptian pop music.​

With numerous‌ albums and chart-topping ‌hits, Diab has solidified⁢ his position as ‍one of the most successful singers in the Middle East. This article delves into Amr Diab Net Worth, life, career, and awards.

Quick Facts

Full Name Amr Abdel Basset Abdel Aziz Diab
Popular Name Amr Diab
Gender Male
Birth Date October 11, 1961
Age 60 ⁤years old
Parents Abdel Basset Diab⁤ (Father)
Siblings Heba Diab⁢ (Sister)
Birth Place Port Said, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Ethnicity Arab
Education Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Music
Marital Status Divorced
Wife/Spouse Zinah Ashour (Ex-wife)
Children Ghadir Diab, Nour⁤ Diab
Dating N/A
Net Worth $45 million
Source of Wealth Music, Acting
Height 5 ‍feet 10 inches
Weight 78 kg

What is Amr Diab Net Worth and ⁤Salary in 2023?

What is Amr Diab Net Worth and Salary

According to reports, Amr Diab’s estimated net worth is $45 million in 2023. His substantial wealth primarily⁣ derives‌ from his successful music career, where he has released numerous chart-topping albums and singles.

Diab’s concerts and performances also contribute significantly to his⁢ net worth, as he has a massive fan base ‌that eagerly attends his shows. Furthermore, his⁣ foray into acting has also ‌increased his financial success and popularity.

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Why is ⁤Amr Diab Famous?

Amr Diab rose to fame due to his mesmerizing voice, unique style, and ability to connect with‌ his audience through his music. He is‍ widely regarded as the father of Mediterranean music and has played a crucial role in popularizing Egyptian pop music⁤ on an international level.

With his distinctive blend of Western pop elements and traditional⁢ Arabic ‌music, Diab has created a distinct sound⁤ that ⁢appeals to a wide range of listeners⁣ worldwide.

Biography‌ Overview

Amr Diab Biography Overview

Early Life

Amr Diab was born on⁤ October 11, ‍1961, in Port Said, Egypt. He was raised in a musically inclined family, with his father being a member of the Egyptian⁤ Opera House. Diab’s father played a significant role in nurturing his passion ‍for music from a young age. Growing up, Amr Diab displayed a natural talent for singing and began participating in local talent competitions.


Amr Diab pursued his higher education at the Cairo Academy of Art, where he obtained a Bachelor’s ‍degree in Arabic Music. His time at ​the academy helped him further hone his ⁣musical skills and develop a deep ​understanding ⁤of traditional Arabic music, which later influenced his unique artistic style.

Career ⁣and Awards

Amr Diab’s professional music career began in the early 1980s when he released his debut album, Ya Tareeq. Since​ then, ​he has⁣ released over 30 studio albums and numerous singles. His music consistently tops the charts, both in Egypt and across the Arab world.⁢ Diab’s popularity extends beyond the Middle East, with dedicated fans ⁣in countries like Greece and Spain.

Throughout his career, Amr Diab⁢ has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions‍ to the music industry. He has won the World Music Award for⁢ Best Selling‍ Middle Eastern Artist multiple times and has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement⁤ Award at the Big Apple Music Awards.

Despite these achievements, Diab continues to innovate, with his entire Nay Label audio and video catalogue and future releases now exclusively available on the streaming platform Anghami as of February 2022. As of August 2023, Amr Diab remains a towering figure in the world of music, continually breaking sales records and influencing artists globally.

Personal‍ Life

Diab has a grown-up daughter from his first marriage with Egyptian actress Shereen Reda. Later, in 1994, he married Zeina Ashour, a businesswoman from Saudi Arabia, and they have three kids together.

In 2018, he got married again to another Egyptian actress, Dina El Sherbiny. His relationship with Zeina Ashour ended, but it’s not clear if they separated or got divorced. Unfortunately, Diab and Dina El Sherbiny separated in late 2020.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Amr Diab

FAQs about Amr Diab

What is Amr Diab’s⁣ most⁣ popular song?

Amr Diab’s most ​popular⁢ song is Nour El Ein, which was released in 1996 and became a massive success across the Middle East.

How ⁤many albums has Amr‍ Diab released?

Amr Diab has released over 30 studio albums throughout his career.

Does Amr Diab perform concerts outside of‍ Egypt?

Yes, Amr Diab regularly⁣ performs concerts in various countries worldwide, including Greece, ‌Spain, the United States, and Canada.


Amr Diab’s ⁢indelible mark on the music industry and his massive net worth of $45‌ million speak volumes about his talent and success. As a​ pioneer of Egyptian pop music and a consistently influential ‍artist, he continues to captivate audiences with his ‌contagious energy and remarkable vocals. For more information about Amr Diab, visit Byboe.

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