How To Wear Wedding Rings 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Wear Wedding Rings 2023 Top Full Guide

Are you planning to get engaged or have a wedding? Then, learn How To Wear Wedding Rings properly. Many people still have questions about how to wear a wedding band properly. Therefore, it is important first to determine the best time to wear your wedding ring to answer that question.

To make the process smooth, it is important to understand the differences between marriage and engagement. In addition, it would be helpful to determine the purpose and meaning behind each wedding ring being worn on which finger. Follow the steps below for more information.

Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Ring

Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Ring

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, each ring represents different milestones. While there are some differences between an engagement and a wedding ring (in design, price, and placement), the most important difference is the date that each ring was given.

An engagement ring usually accompanies a proposal. A wedding ring is often given after a couple has exchanged their vows. To signify their union, couples often buy matching wedding ring sets.

It’s becoming more popular for couples to purchase wedding bands that reflect their style and not coordinate with their spouse.

The engagement and wedding rings in western cultures are worn on the left hand’s ring finger (or third). This practice dates back to the ancient Romans, who believed that the left ring finger connected to the heart via a vein. Thus, it was a symbol of love for newlyweds.

It is up to the individual to decide which finger to wear each ring. However, people will usually look for a left-ringing ring to signify that they are engaged or married.

How To Wear Rings During And After The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding band should be worn “closest” to the couple’s heart. This means that the wedding band should be stacked below the engagement rings on the left ring finger. Many brides-to-be will change their engagement rings to their right before they walk down the aisle. The wedding band can then be slipped onto the left hand.

The bride will then place their engagement ring on top of the wedding band during or after the ceremony. Some people decide to have their wedding and engagement rings joined together after the ceremony to make their bridal set unified.

Women may wear a simple, everyday wedding band and an engagement ring only for special occasions. This is because of practical reasons such as the fact that they work with their hands every day.

This is a common practice for people afraid of losing or damaging their diamond ring and traveling. It is entirely up to you how you choose to wear your rings.

Can Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Yes! It isn’t common for men to receive engagement rings in western cultures. For example, Ed Sheeran wore a silver band on the left ring finger of his engagement to Cherry Seaborn. He said that he never understood why men don’t wear engagement rings when questioned about it. It’s the same commitment in both ways.

Others, such as Skylar Astin and Michael Buble, have worn engagement rings to indicate their commitment to getting married.

What About Anniversary Rings?

Popular gifts for milestone anniversaries are diamond eternity rings or other rings. For a unique look, couples can mix metals and styles in their anniversary rings.

In anniversary rings, colored gemstone accents are also very popular. These can be based on the birthstone of the person, your children’s birthstones, or just a favorite color. There are no rules regarding which finger an anniversary ring should be worn on.

If your engagement ring and wedding ring are compatible, you can stack anniversary rings together.

Tips on How to Wear Wedding Ring and Engagement

Tips on How to Wear Wedding Ring and Engagement

Rings on the Left Hand

This is the most popular way to wear them. It stems back to Ancient Egyptians who believed a vein ran from the left ring finger to your heart. Wearing your wedding ring inside will ensure it is as close as possible to your heart.

This custom of wearing a left-handed ring is very popular in certain countries, including the United States, France, and Canada.

Rings on the right hand

The culture you’re used to or where you live may dictate how you wear your wedding band. For example, although it is more common to wear your rings on your left side in Western countries, many couples will choose to wear their rings on the right in Russia, Poland, and Denmark.

It is also popular in India, Greece, and Spain. It is also common in Brazil where couples can wear their wedding rings one-handed and then switch hands after they have said their vows.

Wedding Ring First, Engagement Ring on Top

Some people prefer to wear their engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger. This means that you wear your engagement ring first and then your wedding band. So how do you wear your wedding ring and engagement ring at your wedding?

This will allow you to remove your engagement ring before the ceremony. You won’t have the hassle of losing it or embarrassingly misplacing it at the altar. It can be worn on your right hand or kept in a safe place. After you have said “I do”, you can either slip the sparkler on again for the reception, or you can wait to see your new band.

Engagement Ring First, Wedding Ring on Top

You can also wear them in the opposite direction. It might be sensible to wear your rings in the order they were given (even though Ratajkowski received her engagement ring first and still wears it in this order). Your wedding ring might be symbolic of your promise.

Your engagement story is complete when your wedding ring is worn on the outside. After that, it’s time to stack your anniversary rings…

Engagement Ring One On Finger, Wedding Ring on the Other

This is a great option if you are unsure how to wear your wedding band when it doesn’t match your engagement. For example, some prefer to wear their engagement ring on one finger and their wedding ring on the other.

Although it isn’t a common choice, it is a great option for those who don’t want the rings to sit together or aren’t happy with the way they look on one finger.

This is a great choice for people who don’t want to wear more than one ring. For example, in countries like Germany and the Netherlands, couples will often wear their engagement rings on the left hand while their wedding rings are right.


Do you wear your wedding band on top or bottom?

According to tradition, the wedding band should go on first, with the engagement ring stacked on top. Even etiquette experts agree that the way to wear a wedding set is by placing the wedding band on the bottom. However, while there may be a “proper” way to wear your rings, the choice is ultimately up to you!

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Which goes first engagement and wedding ring?

But don’t panic, it is quite simple: when engaged, wear your engagement ring on the fourth finger of your left hand. When married, the wedding ring should go first so it is closer to the heart, followed by the engagement ring.

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How should you wear your engagement ring and wedding band?

Traditionally, you wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together on the fourth finger of your left hand. As far as how to stack them, tradition holds that you’ll wear the wedding band inside the engagement ring so that it’s closer to your heart (aww).

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What order do wedding rings go on your finger?

The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger from the body (digitus annularis), between the middle and little finger, on the left hand.

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Your wedding ring is a symbol of your love and commitment to your partner. It is entirely up to you how you wear it. These are some helpful tips and tricks to help you make the right decision about how to wear a wedding band.

Learn more about engagement and wedding rings. Our jewelry experts will be happy to assist you! Feel free to contact us via the comments section.

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