How to Measure Ring Size? Top Full Guide 2023

How to Measure Ring Size Top Full Guide 2023

If you’re looking to buy a diamond ring, first, it’s essential to know your ring size and the proper way to measure it. There are several ways to measure the ring size. One is to use a ring gauge, which is a device that measures the inside diameter of a ring.

Another way is to use a string or ribbon to measure the circumference of your finger and then convert the ring size measurement. In this guide, Byboe will show you How to Measure Ring Size? and other tips.

What Is a Ring Size?

The number of rings is linked to the finger circumference or ring diameter of the inside of the band. It is usually measured in the exact ring size in mm or cm.

how to measure your ring size in inches What Is a Ring Size

Different countries use different systems of letters or numbers to measure the accurate ring size. Other countries follow different ring sizes standards.

Getting the perfect ring size is vital as you don’t want to risk it falling apart due to an inadequate fit. A comprehensive and comfortable ring fits your finger better than one with a flat inner surface.

How to Measure Ring Size at Home

1. Wrap a piece of string or paper around the base of your finger.

2. Mark the spot where the end meets the string/paper.

3. Take the paper or string and measure it in millimeters from the mark.

4. The chart will show you the closest ring size.

how to measure a ring size at home Tips To Make Sure You Find The Correct Size

Tips To Make Sure You Find The Correct Size 

1. Over a day, your fingers can change in size. Remember that your fingers change in size as you get warmer and colder. The Ring will perfect fit if you measure ring size when your fingers are warm.

2. Remember that your dominant hand will almost always have a slightly larger size ring. Measure each finger individually.

3. If your knuckle is more significant than your ring finger base, easily measure the width of your finger’s width and its base and choose a size that lies between them.

4. Use a string or piece of paper to measure your ring finger. Don’t let the series get too loose, but don’t pull the line tight. Either way, your Ring size will be smaller.

5. Measure 3-4 times, then compare the results. It is essential to ensure accurate measurement.

6. You can measure the finger circumference of a ring to determine its size if it is not currently fitted.

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Things to Consider When Determining Your Ring Size

When getting your finger sized, it is essential to consider the Ring you are wearing. We have provided some key points to consider.

Things to Consider When Determining Your Ring Size

Type of Ring

The fit of the Ring will be affected by its width. A wider ring will fit better than a smaller one.


Temperature affects how big your fingers will be. In cold weather, your fingers will shrink, and in warmer temperatures, they will grow.

It’s a good idea that you measure your finger at night, as it will be the largest. It is also important to remember that your hands are not always the same size.

It is more common for the dominant hand to be more significant. Therefore, you must measure the finger where the Ring will be worn.

Size of the Knuckles

When measuring your ring size using the string method, it is essential to consider your knuckle size. Your finger base might be smaller than your knuckle, but the Ring must still fit over your knuckle.

Problems With Imperfect Fits

Rings too big can accidentally fall off and rotate around the finger, making it difficult to wear.

A tight ring can restrict blood flow to the fingers. It can lead to skin swelling and make the fingers look fatter. It can cause skin swelling, making it impossible to wear or worsening your fingers.

We recommend a tighter fit to keep your Ring secure and prevent it from sliding off your finger.

How to Measure Your Ring Size? FAQs

How to Measure Your Ring Size FAQs

What happens when my Ring is resized?

The ring resizing process involves adding or removing small amounts depending on the difference in the purchased Ring size and the requested size.

This ensures that you have the best fit possible. Your Ring might be slightly thinner or thicker after resizing. These small changes can often be difficult to see visually.

Blue Nile‘s expert jewelers adhere to high-quality standards, ensuring that your resized Ring sparkles and fits perfectly. Each Ring is cleaned and polished after it has been resized.

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What if I order the wrong ring size?

Do not let the size question stress you out. The Blue Nile offers complimentary sizing services for an engagement ring and wedding band within the recommended ring sizes range. This is available during the first year. We offer a 30-day exchange guarantee if you need a different ring type.

Rings that can’t be resized

Due to the nature of some of our ring styles, they cannot be resized. These cases will result in an icon that cannot be resized appearing on the product detail page, under the ring size selection.

You cannot resize eternity rings made of diamonds or gemstones, such as those with a certain number of gems per size or milgrain or ornament bands, silver rings, or rings with other metals like Tungsten.

Within 30 days of purchase, we will exchange your ring for a ring in the correct size. You should note that if you choose to exchange your Ring, it may have fewer gemstones, more diamonds, or a decrease or increase in precious metal content, which could cause an increase in or price decrease.

How to Measure Mens Ring Size?

  • Have your size taken at a jeweler
  • We recommend that you come to our shop for a professional sizing. This will ensure the smallest possible ring size.
  • Use an existing ring to measure your ring size
  • Slide one of your partner’s rings down a tightened light. Take a look at the line where the ring ends and measure the morning border. These measurements can be used in conjunction with the chart below to determine the correct ring size.
  • Printable Ring Sizer
  • Follow the steps below to use our printable ring sizer.

Ring Size Chart

The ring size chart will tell you how large a matching circle similar to yours is in millimeters. The ring size measurement is associated with the ring size.

You can order standard rings online up to 4 millimeters in increments, or start with:

  • Size 4 equals 14 mm
  • Size 5 equals 15.7mm
  • Size 6 equals 16.5mm
  • Size 7 equals 17.3mm
  • Size 8 equals 18.2mm
  • Size 9 equals 18.9mm
  • Size 10 equals 19.8mm
  • Size 11 equals 20.6mm
  • Size 12 equals 21.3mm
  • Size 13 equals 22.2mm
  • Size 14 equals size 23mm

International ring size chart

The ring size measurement varies from one country to the next. The measures in the United States range from 0-20 and include quarter portions. You might have a ring that is 12 3/4 inches or 15 1/2 inches.

You want to be exact, so it is common for people to order a slightly more prominent one. This is especially true if the ring will last a long time, such as wedding rings and engagement rings.

Estimate ring size by height and weight

It doesn’t seem to be a connection between height and finger size. A taller person doesn’t automatically have more giant fingers.

There could be a correlation between finger size and weight. People often notice that their ring sizes fluctuate with weight loss or gain.

We believed that height and weight could be good indicators.

They are usually between 8 and 14. The most commonly purchased ring sizes are 8-12. Men’s average ring size is 10.

How to Measure Finger for Ring Size? Conclusion

There are a few ways to measure your ring size. One is to use a string or paper to measure the inside circumference of your finger size and then convert it to the ring size. Another way is to use a ring you already own and measure the inside diameter. Then, use the ring size chart to convert to your current ring size. We hope that our above methodologies can help you know the way to measure your ring size at home.

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