How to Cure Uv Resin Without Uv Light? Top Full Guide in 2023

How to Cure Uv Resin Without Uv Light Top Full Guide in 2023

Many people are looking for an alternative to traditional UV light curing equipment. For anyone who is not a big fan of glue guns or leaving a room covered in toxic chemicals, here are some tips on curing resin without a UV torch. Keep reading the article, Byboe will show you How to Cure Uv Resin Without Uv Light?

How to Cure UV Resin without UV Light

Because it is easy to apply, UV resin is a popular choice for crafters. UV resin is also quicker to cure than other liquid plastics and doesn’t need a two-part mix like other liquid plastics. It takes creativity to cure this resin without UV light.

how to cure epoxy resin without uv light

These are some simple methods to cure UV resin without using a UV lamp.

  • Avoid interference to maximize sunlight.
  • Use a blue light.
  • Get a blacklight at a reasonable price.

UV resin is quick and easy to use for small projects. Unfortunately, not many sources can replicate the UV light properties. This article will discuss ultraviolet properties and other ways to cure UV resin.

Maximize Sunlight by Avoiding Interference

Sunlight can be seen in a variety of wavelengths, including ultraviolet. This mixture of wavelengths can disrupt the transfer of photons from the resin. These obstructions can reduce the amount of light that comes into contact with resin.

Plan for sun exposure if you plan to use it. You should start early in the morning and wait until the sun rises. The resin layers take time for UV wavelengths to penetrate, so maximize your exposure.

You can optimize the cure time by bringing resin outside to direct sunlight. However, this could cause wind damage to your project.

Wind can cause dust and other particles to blow onto your project before it has the chance to heal. This can be solved by placing cardboard or wooden slabs around the project. These barriers can reduce the number of airborne particles and wind exposure.

Place the resin on a flat, hard surface. The surface should be at least three feet above the ground. The surface should not be wavy or lanky. You can use a table or a stone slab.

An hour could be enough to cure a small project on a day with a moderate to high UV index. Larger projects may take longer.

Over the next few minutes, watch the resin. You will need to adjust your project’s position to ensure it is in direct sunlight as the sun moves.

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Can You Cure Resin without UV Light Try a Blue Light

Try a Blue Light

Blue light may be an option. A blue wand is a tool used by dentists to bleach or fixes chipped teeth. This is a dental curing lamp. This blue light is used to harden the composite resin in many of their procedures.

Ultraviolet light radiation can cause damage to sensitive tissues in the mouth. While blue light contains less electromagnetic radiation, it still has some. This is why blue light is safer than ultraviolet.

Dentists administer these dental composites in tiny amounts. The blue light can cure them quickly. Although blue light can stimulate the photochemical reaction, it does not have the same energy as ultraviolet light.

Blue light is not as adequate as UV light, so it’s worth waiting. The wavelength doesn’t have the same amount of photons that UV light. Because of this low number of photons, curing will take longer.

Invest in an Affordable Black Light

The photons of ultraviolet light are required to cure the ultraviolet resin. There are a few other options. A UV light is worth the investment if you have the money and time. offers many unique options, including:

  • NVTED UV Flashlight BLACKLIGHT: An affordable option that provides enough power to do the job.
  • Ultraviolet Resin Curing Light 405nm – For SLA/DLP 3D Printer. More expensive, but much more powerful. Be sure to watch your cure time.
  • Sobol 3D Printer UV Resincuring Light – A powerful and efficient light in a sturdy housing case. Avoid overexposure.

These black lights are ideal for small projects due to their small size. These black lights are also small and can be stored away easily when not in use.

How to Cure 2-Part Resin without UV

UV resin needs UV light to cure. The 2-part resin, however, contains a both resin as well as a hardener. This allows you to fix your part after printing or molding it.

There are many types of wax, but UV resin and 2-part are the most common. The 2-part resin is composed of two solutions: resin and hardener. To be complete and adequate, you must mix the two solutions equally.

A 2-part resin is a mixture of wet liquid-like resin and a hardener. This usually comes in liquid form. The hardener cures the resin once the mixture has been made.

For small models, this process takes around 3 hours. However, models of similar sizes only take about 15 minutes to cure with UV.

When to Use UV Resin vs. 2-part Resin

UV resin is excellent for printing jobs where resin is applied layer by layer to create 3D models. For casting, which uses a mold to create 3D models, the 2-part resin is better.

Transparency is not an issue with 2-part resin, making it more versatile. The 2-part resin cures in days, while UV resin can be cured in just minutes.

You will need patience if you cure resin without UV. After 24 hours, the mixture will still be malleable. It will fully cure if it is left to cure for 3 days.

The results can be pretty satisfying, even though it takes a while. Once the curing process is completed, you can sand and file your model or drill a hole in them.

How to Cure Resin Prints Without Uv Light? FAQs

How to Cure Resin Prints Without Uv Light FAQs

What is UV Resin?

UV resin refers to a resin that can cure under UV light. This resin type, unlike other types, requires UV radiation to cure fully.

You don’t need to mix UV resin before you use it. UV resin is better suited for printing (layer upon layer) than casting (pouring into molds).

UV resin cures quicker than other types because UV curing takes place faster. This speeds up the processing time for 3D parts. There are three types of UV light sources for curing UV resin: UV lamps, UV torch, and UV curing stations.

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How Many Watts to Cure Uv Resin?

The minimum required wattage to cure UV resin is 4 watts. For the best results, however, use at least 9 watts. The lamps used for nail curing and many UV flashlights have enough UV wattage to cure UV. Direct sunlight is also possible.

How to Clean Uv Resin?

UV resin is an excellent material for making jewelry and other small items. It is strong and can be easily polished to a high shine. However, it cannot be easy to clean if it is not done correctly. To clean UV resin, it is essential to use the right supplies and take your time.

How to Cure Resin Without Uv Light?: Conclusion

There are a few ways to cure UV resin without UV light. One way is to use a heat gun. Another way is to use a hairdryer. The hairdryer method works by blowing hot air onto the resin to dry it out. This is the most effective way of curing UV resin because the heat forces the resin molecules to bond faster. There are other ways to get the job done, but they may take longer and require more patience.

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